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Young justice OC Skia

Skia was my first OC and she has undergone a lot of change.

Secret ID: Talea Reed
Superhero Alias: Skia
Group / Alliance Affiliation(s): Young Justice, the Super Galaxy Princess Alliance
Nickname(s): Ale Lea Dusk
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Current Residence:Gotham City, Seattle
Weight: 135lb
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Hair Type: Straight down to just below her shoulder blades
Physical Description: Average height, beginning to develope some curves

General Personality: distant toward others keeping to herself mostly.

Good Traits: independent, protective, quiet, brooding
Bad Traits: possessive, flighty, jumps into things, distant
Quirks: Bright sunny days, Kid flash
Fears: too much sunlight, bright light

Memorable Quote(s):
- This all could have been avoided if...
- Your not going to enjoy this very much.
- Not going to happen.

Closest Friends: , Kastastrophe(cousin), Pyra(cousin) Anemoi(cousin) Zeus(cousin) K-9(cousin) Magia(cousin)
Enemies: Those who threaten her family, The Light
Boyfriend(s): She is asexual
Power(s): Shadow control,Shadow weapon creation

POWER/ABILITY 1: Shadow Control
PROS: Can control form or manipulate shadows
CONS: She needs to have a source to draw from, powers do not work in the light
POWER/ABILITY 2: Shadow weapon creation
PROS: can form any weapon she can think of
CONS: weapons dissolve in the smallest amount of light

Weapon(s): Anything she can form
Style: dodges and blocks til the enemy becomes fatigued then goes on the offensive
Strengths: supports teammates acts as bait
Weaknesses: She is easily stunned by bright lights and if they are bright enough she can be burned by them.

Skia is the black sheep of the family, while the others are loud she has always stuck to dark corners. She discovered her powers when she was out one evening and she realized she was being followed. So doing what anyone else would she ran, and when she turned down an alley way she disappeared and wound up in her cousins room. She soon learned of the fact that her family was derived from the gods and that she was a part or "child" of Nyx, the goddess of darkness.
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I really like your OC and her backround. I think she would mesh well my OC Sekhmet [link] and npc Chuli [link]
Sekhmet being a 'child" of the gods in a way I think could relate well to a child of a goddess

I started a team Aquarion but as a group we haven't rerally done that much in sense of collabs, group pic or w/e , I really want someone who will be more involved , I saw your working on the group hero thing and was like now THATS awesome. So what do you think? I would at least like to see how our OCS interact with one another XD. Oh and uh sorry this is so long XP
criticU's avatar
For the weapons dissolving part or powers doesn't work in the light part. does natural light count also? like the moon or fire flies?
Anemoi-Anemi's avatar
The moon causes the weapons to dissolve but very slowly and fireflies don't do much. But in the case of natural light as in the sun dissolve weapons and such instantaneously same with bright lights like LEDs.
criticU's avatar
well you said the littlest of light, and fireflies are kinda bright, so it won't dissolve?
so she can only fight in the dark? that means 4th of july is her worse days and Christmas as well. XD

wait doesn't working under light in normal human form do anything to her?
and she still is human right?
Anemoi-Anemi's avatar
ugh fireflies would cause her powers to falter slightly. She can only fight in dark areas in the day such as caves and sewers, anywhere really dark.

What the hell do you mean by human form?
criticU's avatar
but what if its absolutely dark with no light, can she use her powers?

i meant her alter ego, when she is not a hero
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Yay!! Redoing so many profiles for you~~!

Some typos to fix:
ID#: leave the "#" sign out
Team name: (leave ~6 blank spaces or put "N/A")
Team #: (leave ~6 blank spaces or put "N/A")
Birthdate: occtober => OCTOBER
Height: capitalize CM
Weight: capitalize LBS and KG

Brief description: (the last sentence is a run on sentence/very long.. or you seemed to forget to put a period after "HOME". Also, "sHE" right after has an uncapitalized 's')

SKILLS AND ABILITIES: (put the major and minor designations at the beginning--makes it easier to read)

weakend => WEAKENED
Anemoi-Anemi's avatar
Gramatical errors among other things have been fixed!
Meibatsu's avatar
Yay! Excellent!
Now only how many more to go? xD 3??
Anemoi-Anemi's avatar
I dont even want to think about it... but seven. And yet again my father took my drawing tablet so right now Im SOL.
Meibatsu's avatar
You can do it~~!!

And why does you dad have your tablet? He draws too? lol
Anemoi-Anemi's avatar
No he took it because my room looked as though a tornado ran through the damn thing. I actually kind of wish that my dad enjoyed drawing, he might show me more mercy then.
Meibatsu's avatar
LOL.. so if you clean your room, then... you get it back??
Anemoi-Anemi's avatar
Welllll he has the idea that if you do something to lose something you have to do three times the work to get it back. It sucks.
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