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Young justice OC

Basically me except with a different name and with powers
FC for the SGPA

Secret ID: Rena E. Reed
Superhero Alias: Anemoi (mean winds in greek)
Group / Alliance Affiliation(s): Young Justice Super Galaxy Princess Alliance

Nickname(s): Re, Rea,Ms IQ, tweek, Liz, Lizzie
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Nationality: German,English,Greek
Current Residence: Seattle
Weight: 125
Eye Color: hazel
Hair Color: dark auburn brown
Hair Type: naturally wavy that goes to mid back always worn in a pony tail or braid
Physical Description: medium build beginning to get an hour glass figure

General Personality: happy, sarcastic and energetic around those she likes (ie friends family etc.) easily distracted by loud noises, she is difficult to tick off but when she goes she doesent stop her rampage for a while.

Good Traits: kind, determined, energetic,helpful loyal,caring, intelligent, easily excited
Bad Traits: puts herself last, doesent trust strangers, loses focus easily, very oppinionated, envious of some people, unpredictable, overly apologetic,sarcastic,foregetful, easily distracted, forgetful

Quirks:does not converse with idiots, stupid questions, bad grammar, republicans
fears: needles, the woods at night, the ocean, other teenage girls(she hates them for some odd reason)bugs(mainly spiders) fish, snakes,

Memorable Quote(s):
-sorry sorry sorry sorry!
-and then...
-oh the pain!
- how are you even functioning?
- you know what they said when you were a little kid, treat others how you would like to be treated, if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all and my favorite, dont try to stab your sister.

Closest Friends: Tabitha Reed(older sister) James Reed(brother)Pyra(cousin)Kastastrophy(cousin) Solar Cat, Dysta
Robin(practically attatched at the hip)
Enemies: Other teenage girls(she can pretty much sense them) that one guy from that one time
Boyfriend(s): has a crush on Robin(she is completly oblivious to this until she has a conversation with someone)

Power(s): control of air, maipulation of electricity

POWER/ABILITY 1: Control over air
PROS: can change the course of and create the winds and create small tornadoes,can solidify air, use air to lift objects
CONS: If used to much she becomes disoriented.

POWER/ABILITY 2: Electricity
PROS: can throw small low wattage bolts
CONS: needs to drain someone or something or she will become ill.

Lightning teleportation
can warp nearly anywhere.
cant control it all that well (ie. try to go to NY end up in Missouri.)

Weapon: dagger
Style: basic martial arts
Strengths: can solidify the air into a shield around herself.
Weaknesses: even though shes a spiritual being any hit that would cause harm to a human would hurt her, her hemophilia causes her to become more easily disoriented in less time while using her powers if she has been injured.

Grew up commuting from England to the states frequently gave her a slight british accent. she currently lives in Seattle with her Father and two siblings and goes to Gotham Academy, commuting via Zeta tubes. she only has one parent due to her ehm interesting family magic based history.

Extra:she hates wearing her hair down because its inconvenient. Robin gave her the necklace for her birthday and her older sister gave it some magical add ons.

likes: fruity teas, chocolate covered fruit, skyrim, books, flowers, debating, Doctor who, Sherlock,drawing, plushies, black and purple
dislikes:snakes, religious dogma, pushy people, jerks, snakes, spiders,fish,republicans, the color yellow
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so how can she control electricity?
Anemoi-Anemi's avatar
She can reconvert electrical charges to hit people or short out equipment.
criticU's avatar
yes but how can she do that if she controls air
Anemoi-Anemi's avatar
Uhh how can superman have laser vision and super strength? Some characters have multiple powers in her case she got them genetically from her father.
criticU's avatar
an ALIEN from kypton who is powered by the yellow sun and able to use the energy to power himself. Plus he has no element.

so she gets her powers from birth? what powers does her parents have?
Anemoi-Anemi's avatar
Ooook I thought I replied to this last night. In any case I used the fatc that the DCU uses the Greek gods so I thought why not? Her father is a phtsical representation of zeus giving him the same powers but their just weaker. In her case due to her old mans abilities she can do some of the same. And if you read the time skip info you can see that at that point she has the power of minor weather manipulation. Even the names are a give away. Anemoi means either wind or air and Katayida Means storm.
criticU's avatar
i'm just asking if the powers was inherited from her parents. since that makes things make more sense for her abilities.
Anemoi-Anemi's avatar
Sorry I thought that you were saying she was a back character.
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Alex: (in civies) *running on rooftops avoiding bullets* Oh shit oh shit oh shit!
Anemoi-Anemi's avatar
Re: this is not going to end well.
RushComics's avatar
Alex: *slides down an angled rooftop, the bullets flying, keeps running, two guys in close pursuit*
Anemoi-Anemi's avatar
Re: What the hell do we do now?
RushComics's avatar
Alex: *sees a crane, runs up its arm and slides down the rope, keeps running, runs into RE* WHO THE HELL!?
Anemoi-Anemi's avatar
Re: I could ask the same thing!
RushComics's avatar
Alex: How do I know I can trust you? *scans her Sher-Lock style* Looks like we're on the same side....Alex. *extends hand* SHIELD Agent in training, *hears the gun shots* With a nose for trouble.
Anemoi-Anemi's avatar
Re: I would advise that we save the formalities until we take out these goons.*draws knives*
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