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Young Justice OC

My first successful attempt at making my own character base this is an oc for a friend
Secret ID: Alexis Stern
Superhero Alias: Pyra
Nickname(s): Alex
Age:14 (looks to be 14 real age unknown)
Gender: Female
Nationality: Greek
Current Residence: Metropolis
Weight: 110
Eye Color: Blue and red
Hair Color: brown
Hair Type: Straight and down to the middle of her shoulder blades
Physical Description: She has curves but hides them with her clothes.

Personality: Is hyper most of the time, hotheaded at times, has a problem with energy drinks, she was born in the city but raised country, and she is a major tomboy.

Good Traits: Competitive, helpfull, loyal, and nice.
Bad Traits: Gets mad easily, doesnt realy like to share and violent, doesnt trust others much.

Quirks: Never goes anywhere with out a V8, needs music with her, never seen without a belt.
Fears: Bugs, surgery, needles and being alone in the dark.

Memorable Quote(s):
-Make cupcakes not war
-booty calls

Closest Friends: Athena (Cousin) Kastastrophe(cousin) and Dark Blade
Enemies: no one yet
Boyfriend: Dark Blade

has pure dominance and control over fire, inhuman speed
Wolfclaws (gloves)

POWER/ABILITY 1: Controls fire
can control anything fire or heat related
Con: Cant use it if its super cold outside or if its wet
Pro: Can make it out of thin air. c
POWER/ABILITY 2: inhuman speed
Con: Is not as fast as Kid flash.
Pro: Is faster than normal people

Weapon(s): Wolfblades (Gloves)
Pro: Can put them back in the glove, light weight and durable.
Con: They can break if its realy cold outside.
Style: Jujitsu
Weakness: Water (Fire doesent work if she gets wet)
Strengths: Gets stronger around fire.

Father is Ares, and mother is a nymph grew up with Athena and Kastastrophe. Met Dark Blade in her school when they moved. Started Jujustu when she was 4 and young justice at the age of 14s is a friends OC
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Yeah she's had a few bad experiences at the doctors and kastastrophe and dark blade will show up too.
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Fire-elemented people are the coolest!

So she is super scared of needles just like Athena, eh? xD

Does this mean Katastrophe and Dark Blade ar going to eventually show up hee too? :D