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Secret ID: Alexis Stern
Superhero Alias: Pyra
Nickname(s): Alex, Woo
Gender: Female
Nationality: Greek,
Current Residence: Seattle, Gotham
Weight: 115 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: brown
Hair Type: Straight and down to the middle of her shoulder blades
Physical Description: She has curves but hides them with her clothes.

Personality: Is hyper most of the time, hotheaded at times, has a problem with energy drinks, she was born in the city but raised country, and she is a major tomboy.

Good Traits: Competitive, helpfull, loyal, and nice.
Bad Traits: Gets mad easily, doesnt realy like to share, violent, doesnt trust others much.

Quirks: Never goes anywhere with out a V8, needs music with her, never seen without a belt.
Fears: Bugs, surgery, needles and being alone in the dark

Memorable Quote(s):
-Make cupcakes not war
-booty calls

Closest Friends: Anemoi (Cousin) Magia(cousin) Skia(cousin) K-9(cousin)
Enemies: no one yet
Boyfriend: Unknown

has pure dominance and control over fire, inhuman speed
Wolfclaws (gloves)

POWER/ABILITY 1: Controls fire
can control anything fire or heat related
Con: Cant use it if its super cold outside or if its wet
Pro: Can make it out of thin air

POWER/ABILITY 2: inhuman speed
Con: Caused by super heating the molecules in her body this allows her to run at a max of 65 miles an hour, this however is slowed in extreme humidity or rain
Pro: can run the speed of the average highway speed limit

Weapon(s): Wolfblades (Gloves)
Pro: Can put them back in the glove, light weight and durable.
Con: They can break if its really cold outside.
Style: Jujitsu
Weakness: Water (Fire doesent work if she gets wet)
Strengths: Gets stronger around fire.

Background: Later
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Make those profile fixes and resubmit the image, since the submission has expired. lol
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Yes Ma'm I will do that post haste!
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Some fixes to make:

HEIGHT: (remove FT since the apostrophe and quotations are the unit markers lol)

teams hot head she => TEAM'S HOT HEAD, SHE

magical (short range) => MELEE (MAGICAL)
magical (long range) => LONG RANGE (MAGICAL)

put a space between the bracket and the next word so it doesn't look so squished together. lol
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Is it just me, or do I see no changes to the file? lol
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Uggggggh did I not save the damn that damn thing when I fixed it? I can fix it after school tomorrow.
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Okay! Just tell me when it's done. lol
Hopefully I won't be gone to work by then xD
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Ill send you a note.
Working must suck because my sister is doing a job and an internship seven days a week. I'm not sure how horrible the hours your working are.
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Hey, hey im not 5'3 im 5'4.5!
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Can it Woo your still around that height!
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No! I'm taller, getting taller
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A dwarf is under 4.5ft
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