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Mary Sue SGPA

sucky art is sucky

"she is of low intelligence but also a woman of the night." (quoting me)

first one to comment and tell me the song and artist this is by will get an OC chibi of their choice beating this girl up in her less stupid piñata form.

(hint the artist has odd hair)

Moving along this is a character who SGPA veterans should recognize.

:iconsgpa: we have a few too many sues

Secret ID:Mary Lily Rose bella Sue Knight
Meaning: Does there need to be one
Superhero Alias: Girl Marvel
Meaning/Reason uh shes "marvel"ous
Nickname(s): Hot stuff, beauty, angel
Nationality:Elf Angel Vampire Witch goddess Alien Squirrel fairy
Places Lived:Everywhere
Current Residence:Gotham City
Eye Color:changes with her powers
Hair Color:Light blue with purple at the end
Hair Type: Long thick shiney and curled at the end
Physical Description: thin and curvy the prettiest girl you will EVER see

Good Traits:kind loving caring energetic gentle
Bad Traits: stubborn
Good Habits: helps others
Bad Habits:apoligizes for nothing
Weird Habits:seems to be guy magnet
Fears:losing loved ones
Favorite Foodink lady apples
Favorite Drinkink lemonade
Favorite Movie:sleeping beauty
Favorite Book:snow white
Favorite Song:
Favorite Band/Singer:
Favorite Time of Year:
Best Subject(s):History Math Science Language English gym
Worst Subject(s):nothing duh

Father:is a corpse
Siblings:in the ground
Other Significant Relatives:
Closest Friends:Robin KF Miss M Artemis Superboy
Enemies: anyone evil
Boy/Girlfriend: none
Past Relationships:Aqualad Superboy Kid Flash

Power(s): Every Power you could ever think of EVER
Power Perks: can do anything
Power Limits: she has none
Weapon(s): any weapon but specializes with kitanas
Style:fast and strong yet graceful
Strengths:cant be beaten

saw her family murdered before her eyes and was de-throned by her people after being forced to go to earth.
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Wow, that is...just LOL!

Sky Girl: Let me handle this, bitchez....*smirks* (oh, there will be tears now)
Anemoi-Anemi's avatar
Beyond your worst nightmares. I would absolutely love it if you ragged on her.
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but would there is a point? unless you want me to say how to make your character more of a mary sue?
Anemoi-Anemi's avatar
Yes tell me how to make her more horrible, I need to learn! (And most of my other OCs got between an 8-12 on the Mary Sue litmus test.)
criticU's avatar
hmmm, maybe you should get this character loved by everyone, even ral al gul. and they all want her to work with them. also she maybe mastered every fighting skill out there and is the most beautiful there is. (another could be how her hair and eye color change for every power...)
Anemoi-Anemi's avatar
Ohhh goodness this is brilliant! I should have it that her eyes turn rainbow and SPARKLE when she is most powerful (which is always lol)
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also she should have the ability to make miracles happen as well XD and revive people from the dead with no bad side effect. ( as they were before dying.)
Anemoi-Anemi's avatar
Ohhh and she should be able to open a giant fissure in the ground that teleports you to an alternate dimension like the oblivion planes( ive been playing too much skyrim)
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Rihanna? (I think that's how you spell her name)
Anemoi-Anemi's avatar
Nope think Superbowl halftime show
lmbrake's avatar
Fergie? Madonna? Nicki Minaj? is it Nicki Minaj?
Anemoi-Anemi's avatar
No, no and ohh my goodness yes.
lmbrake's avatar
You said half-time show, ridiculous hair... Gosh, I suck at the guessing game!
Anemoi-Anemi's avatar
I'm talking about American football. Not actual football.
lmbrake's avatar
Football football, not soccer, I know. (In Canada we call it soccer too.)

Anemoi-Anemi's avatar
Not Madonna think more modern.
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:XD: Pretty epic Mary Sue!

But as a Sue shouldn't there be something about "all of the boys falling passionately in love with her on first sight" or something?

Artist of what? The quote?
Anemoi-Anemi's avatar
Artist of the song. The quote is just weird code for the songs title.
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LMFAO. The brief description-- Oh. my. :XD:

Artist has weird hair... Lady Gaga?
Anemoi-Anemi's avatar
And I happily listened to the trololo song while typing it.

No! I like Lady Gaga for her message about equal rights.
I guess I should have specified by saying weird hair color.
lmbrake's avatar
Ahhh... Um, Katy Perry? (I've seen her with blue hair...) ...Hayley Williams?
Anemoi-Anemi's avatar
No and no. Think of a really stupid but very popular type of music ( not dub step)
lmbrake's avatar
Gah! This is so hard! (I listen to Q104; I don't know very many of these new people!)

I'll get back to you when I think up more...
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