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Heroines Of The knight cover

It is finished! And for once Im proud of myself. I even found a title.

now just to draw some pages to the prologue and I can be done for a few days.
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Well that was weird.
Stop fooling around fingers, we're here to congratulate Hannahbell on her awesome picture.
Annnnyway... AWESOME JOB!
*Thumbs up!
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Thank you so much!
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This looks awsome!!
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Well done!
Good colouring too :D

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YAY! Finally done!

I like how you even darkened everyone's skin for the night scene! Something I would probably forget to do.. >__>
I didn't know Liz has a purple streak before! Is that new?

In other news, I feel bad because I don't think I can get your comic done tonight. I am having the wrist and back pains partially due to being a lady *cough* >___> HOW APT FOR THIS COMIC ABOUT HEROINES AND THEIR STRUGGLES! LOL

I will have to push it to tomorrow night. Hahaha!
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The purple streak is new. Its one of those clip ins whose colour I'm going to change daily on her. And its not a big deal that you didn't get the comic done( I'm going to be dealing with female issues soon :( )
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