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Am I as cool as Hei?


not a single person in the :iconsgpa: is this bad but we have a surplus of sues(hopefully none of which are mine aside from this gag)


Strength: 10/10
Speed: 9/10
Agility: 9/10
Intelligence: 10/10

Secret ID:Mary Lily Rose bella Sue Knight
Meaning:Does there need to be one
Superhero Alias: Girl Marvel
Meaning/Reason:Duh shes "marvel"ous
Nickname(s): Hot stuff, beauty, angel
Age:she is 13 in earth years but looks 18
Nationality:Elf Angel Vampire Witch goddess Alien Squirrel
Places Lived:Everywhere
Current Residence:Gotham City
Birthday:March 21
Zodiac: Aries
Eye Color:All Purple
Hair Color:Light blue with dark blue streaks
Hair Type: Long thick shiney and curled at the end
Physical Description: thin and curvy the prettiest girl you will EVER see

Good Traits:kind loving caring energetic gentle
Bad Traits: stubborn
Good Habits: helps others
Bad Habits:apoligizes for nothing
Weird Habits:seems to be guy magnet
Fears:losing loved ones
Favorite Food:pink lady apples
Favorite Drink:pink lemonade
Favorite Movie:sleeping beauty
Favorite Book:snow white
Favorite Song:
Favorite Band/Singer:
Favorite Time of Year:
Best Subject(s):History Math Science Language English gym
Worst Subject(s):nothing duh

Father:is a corpse
Siblings:in the ground
Other Significant Relatives:
Closest Friends:Robin KF Miss M Artemis Superboy
Enemies: anyone evil
Past Relationships:Aqualad Superboy

Power(s): Every Power you could ever think of EVER
Power Perks: can do anything
Power Limits: she has none
Weapon(s): any weapon but specializes with kitanas
Style:fast and strong yet graceful
Strengths:cant be beaten

saw her family murdered before her eyes and was de-throned by her people after being forced to go to earth.
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Abso-freaking-lutely best character in the whole of the SGPA~ (/shotshotshot)
Maverick: No weaknesses? Hm~ This is highly unnatural :iconimrlynotimpressedplz:

((The sues... there not my characters are they? *has been really paranoid about it*))
Anemoi-Anemi's avatar
I believe we have all been paranoid about it.
bagoskittles's avatar
Yeah >_> Damn paranoia, its coming for us......
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Night Hunter: >:| ... she has no belly button.
Anemoi-Anemi's avatar
mary: well duh Im not like human so I like don't have one.
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Night Hunter: ... =_=
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Liz: dude i dont know either.
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I'm actually quite surprised all her stats aren't 10/10~!
Hah, I've actually seen a character from sgpa on a mary sue blog. XD But ah, well, tis the internetz.
My favorite part is her weight. 70 LBS, BUT YOU KNOW, THIN AND CURVY! LOL!
Anemoi-Anemi's avatar
Yea that's a natural weight for an eight year old. And which character was it(ugh curiosity is gonna kill the cat)
MyDearBasil's avatar
Haahh!! Her bones would have to be made of air~
ummm.. /searches/ ..Silverfist. They got spammed in the comments about it I think. shrugshrugshrug
Anemoi-Anemi's avatar
Ohh i thought you were refering to someone else with blue hair. I can see why she got spammed and not to be mean but the OC did deserve to get spammed on.I honestly believe meibatsu should have someone regulate who we let in because this is getting to be insane.
Meibatsu's avatar
LOL.. I just read this convo between you and mydearbasil and sues! *being a creeper haha!*

If I actually regulated or had the co-founders regulate, it would get real messy. We can be amazingly elitist and judgmental.. better to keep our wrathful "opinions" to ourselves. XD

Therefore, I thought it would be a good policy to have it more of a free-for-all and be super lax on the rules. People that are great rise to the top. Suckiness sinks to the bottom and can be ignored. Survival of the fittest! LOL
It's better just to see people having fun and having the confidence to try to improve their characters and submit more art anyway, instead of getting shut down at the beginning.

Maybe I should encourage everyone to try to submit their OCs to the "strict group" and then they can get all the critique they need and be better for it in this one! xD
Anemoi-Anemi's avatar
Hmm I do happen to see your point. Strict regulations do tend to make people either strive to do better or cause them to rebel and spam the group. I'm starting to actually see the fun in the way the group is planned so I can "kindly" help people improve. I love the evolution of the OCs. The good ones florish and the others end up with the dodo birds.
MyDearBasil's avatar
...I think I can infer who you're talking about. xD I unno, I kind of like the policy right now. Mary sues are kind of amusing to look at and you don't have to interact with them. Plus, like setting the non-mary sue standard is really hard. XD And I think there's a really strict no mary sue yj group out there already.
Anemoi-Anemi's avatar
Well I guess your right. It is pretty fun making fun of sues. And that group is as selective as you can get!
MyDearBasil's avatar
Yeah, and we've all made sues before anyways. XD They're not hurting anyone. Hahah, I know! I got intimidated of all its criteria and rules! I am not used to such things loooll
Anemoi-Anemi's avatar
Haha yea the ocs some of the groups creators made are on the verge of being sues.
Vibiana's avatar
I'm loving these gag characters more than the serious ones.
Surplus of sues. Yeah, I agree with that. I think a couple of my characters might be sues. Or I might just be paranoid. OTL
Anemoi-Anemi's avatar
I don't really see any of your OCs as Sues.Are any of mine( perish the thought)
Vibiana's avatar
I guess I'm just paranoid then. XD
Nah, none of yours are sues to me. (Except Girl Marvel, but she doesn't count. XD)
Anemoi-Anemi's avatar
That's a relief! I honestly think we should start regulating who we let in. OCs with weird colouration are big giveaways.
Vibiana's avatar
Coloration? Eh... sometimes it's a giveaway. My biggest pet peeve when it comes to physical character traits would be color-changing/multicolored hair or eyes. ._.
Anemoi-Anemi's avatar
Oh yea cause bight purple eyes and blue hair is totally normal
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