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Countryside Anime Background Practice

I've been wandering around YouTube drawing tutorials recently, so I decided to try making an anime style background with what I learned Llama Emoji-09 (Drinking Tea) [V1] 
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Fantastica... :3 Voy a intentar usarla de fondo en un dibujo, por supuesto mencionando la autoría. Ya he visto que no suele importarte, pero si prefieres que no, me dices. ¡gracias porque me encanta!

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I just wanted to ask. Did you use an image to make this? Nice BG by the way :)
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Very cool! Ah, I have been trying to figure things out myself. I've watched Mclelun but getting the soft of soft feeling I'm kind of confused by. XD
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His videos are super helpful *w* It's still hard to do tho ;o; I've been trying to use 3D elements for backgrounds a bit recently too, it does save time *w*
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I need to study them more! I was really surprised by a lot of the stuff in the sense of you don't really see that on the internet...just from films.

Thanks so much!
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can i use this as background to one of my drawings? this is so awesome
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Aaaah slr ;o; sure! Just don't forget to credit me ~
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Thank youuu <3
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You're welcome:) (Smile) 
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I will have to learn to do this stuff for my visual novel RIP
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Thank youuu ;o;
Don't worry! there are a lot of tutorials out there that can help you *-* Good luck with your VN ~
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Awesome and amazing~ I like the detail~ Seriously good~ :heart:
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Thank youuu <3 ;w;
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You're welcome! :heart:
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Teach me how you did this incredible background Anemielle ;A;
Seriously, it is amazing <333
Glad to see your drawing more often >w<
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Aaaah thank you so much ♥ you know all I did was following some tutorials ;w;
Yess I'm back I can draw more often now o/
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Thank youuu ;o;
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AAAA this is absolutely incredible !!! Llama Emoji-38 (Confused) [V2] <33333 
what tutorials have you watched to create this beauty ?? Emoji26 
seriously this looks like drawn by a professional BG illustrator !! kaomoji set 1 9/19 
how long did it take you to draw ?
what program did you use to draw this ? 
Photoshop ? if so, which version ? 

sorry for all the questions im just really in love with this background haha///
i wanted to improve my background art skills for a long time now but i never seem to find good tutorials or programs for it Sobs,, Q Q
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Aaaah thank you Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1]  I watched a bunch of mclelun videos and followed most of his tutorials on his blog, I started with photoshop cc 2018 and finished it on clip studio paint ex because I'm way more used to it ;w; idk exactly how long it took me, I'd say around 12 hours with at least half of it just trying to figure out how photoshop works Llama Emoji-38 (Confused) [V2]

I feel you, I've been trying to improve my BG skills for a long time and I feel lucky I finally stumbled upon some good tutorials ;w;
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aaa thank you so much for the helpful answer !!

i see, i just googled mclelun and he has a lot of helpful stuff indeed ! ; o ;

and i feel you with the photoshop issue,
i have the same problem, its just too much of a complex program..!! ;w;
i think it takes some months if not years to get fully used to it > <

would you say that clip studio is a good alternative ?
ive tried it once but cant really remember if it was good for backgrounds or not ;;
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Well personally I use clip studio all the time, and it's amazing for everything manga/anime style *w* but when it comes to background... Clip studio has a perspective tool that is super useful if you want to draw cities and all, but the main reason I used photoshop for this one is for the custom brushes ;w; I made the sky, the road and the trees with them, it saves tons of time, a lot of them are amazing on photoshop, and the ones for background on clip studio aren't as good ;w;
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