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This idea is partly inspired by the story in which a man is flung around the boundaries of time and subsequently meets his 'wife' sporadically throughout her life. For him, it’s as if she exists as several different women/girls all at once. He also meets himself on occasion and I found the imagery quite haunting, of being visited by an incarnation of yourself. On one hand it might be comforting to be visited from the future to be reassured that everything will be okay. But then they may also be a harbinger of bad news.

I imagine the doll as being divided into two. The body acts as a canvas, bearing the image of another figure. They share some limbs, so that the two bodies flow into one. The surface of the doppelgänger figure could be textured, or sculpted in relief, or etched, or tattooed. The effect would probably be quite subtle, especially from some angles, you might hardly notice it at all. I wanted to depict the two characters trying to connect, almost as if they are embracing one another. Posing the doll differently would allow the figures to interact in different ways.

One of three entries for this year's Enchanted Doll contest, generously hosted by :iconmarina-b:.
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CONGRATS ANEEMAL!!!!!, i love the coment of your journal( dare to dream )by the way.