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Twilight Sparkle (Run)

Twilight Sparkle from MLP there are already many icons of her but i didnt see this one and its so damn cute XD


How to use it as an emoticon (Click "Add Media" and type in "Twilight Sparkle" or "AnEclipseAtdusk")

I own nothing... all i did was reframe and resize the GIF
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do you take icon emote request
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Twilight is my favorite pony of the mane 6, I do not count the sisters because then I just get into an over-thinking/analyzing mode (of why I like certain ponies more than others, desirable traits, etc.) so basically kind of like twilight I tend to let my brain run rampant.
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where is the original from?
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aww cute :3  i'm using it and used!!  X3
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Thank you~ Feel free to use it as much as you want
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May I use this as my avatar? I can say you made it in my tag line or somewhere on my ID if you want me to :3
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Of course you can use it. I wouldn't mind a mention in your tag somewhere :3
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love it! definitely using it!
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R u taking requests?
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If it's just Commission, then maybe another time.
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