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If you ask me what it is, you're already asking the wrong question.
And if you're asking questions, you're wasting your time.
It is what it is. It is exactly what it is.
So don't try to read so far into it.
And don't try and look past it. There's nothing else there.
It is what it is, and it is all there is.
Get over it. It's no big thing.
And even if it was, there's nothing you could do about it.
If you're waiting for someone to help you, you're going to be waiting a long time.
Because there isn't anyone here.
There isn't anyone anywhere.
If it's all there is, it shouldn't be that hard to see.
So stop talking. Stop thinking. Stop squinting your eyes. Hold still--
And you'll probably get it.

If you ever get it, don't tell me. I'm not even here.
Just throw out something vague
Some poem, or sigh, or exclamation
Something so vague it just drifts
And something good might come of it somehow
That's all you can really hope for...
Some people have it figured out. Some may never.
There's probably no way to describe this notion in any language and do it justice. I think to try and describe it so it makes sense would be a mistake, because some people have to figure it out for themselves and do the math. The best thing to do is give you a hint and let you run with it. I hope someone somewhere benefits from this. I think that with an open mind it has some definite snowballing potential. Just don't take it so seriously. And take it literally. Even if it makes no sense, take it literally. It's what it is.

i'm just throwing out something vague. maybe it will do some good somehow
© 2005 - 2021 andythefragile
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the-great-weegee's avatar
This is actually how I get the ideas for most of my songs.

No matter how long I sit and try to think of a good idea, nothing comes. I usually just play around on the guitar and say random things that don't make any sense until I catch something with a hint of meaning. Then keep saying more topic-oriented random things until I eventually get a more specific subject. Though it's not quite as brutally executed as this piece may suggest the process be, it's mostly the same. Just vaguely random, unsorted ideas that eventually fall into the form of something with meaning.

Is that kind of what you were going for? If not, I don't care because that's what I took from it, and you can't have it back.
andythefragile's avatar
"If you ask me what it is, you're already asking the wrong question.
And if you're asking questions, you're wasting your time." -- but i'll try to explain a little further ...I've had some tiime to think about this since I wrote it.

It is what it is. What this piece has to say was never meant to be put into words. Maybe it's even dangerous to try to put it into words. I think I've pretty much got it. And I know most people don't. This is a gesture akin to someone who has become successful donating money back to the community from which he profited. Or a former drug addict turned clean sharing his story with drug addicts to try and help them out.

I wasn't trying to be random or unsorted, but rather found it extremely difficult to put this very specific idea into words that made sense. There aren't words for it. Somehow I think it's supposed to be that way. If someone ever managed to understand exactly what I'm talking about, they'd realize this is a lot bigger than it seems--not just some random piece of poetry. But if they REALLY understood it, I mean REALLY, they'd realize it really isn't that big, because it's just no big deal. It just is what it is.

But when I was finished with it, I was glad that it was so vague that anybody reading it could take something completely unique away from it. That was a bonus. Kind of like that fortune cookie message you think was printed just for you, while millions are being shipped somewhere from some fortune cookie factory in Detroit. Am I making sense? Not yet? I could write an entire novel on this and still maybe only 1 person in 3.5 billion would get exactly what it is i am trying to say.

but i'm satisfied merely that you took something from it --anything

that means some good came of it somehow
and thats all i can really hope for