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March 26, 2016
Slifer the Sky Dragon by andytantowibelzark is a frightening and awe inspiring conceptual piece.
Featured by Lyricanna
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Slifer the Sky Dragon

Slifer the Sky Dragon from Yugioh by Kazuki Takahashi
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coolbitsgaming's avatar

Hello! Could I please use this picture for a video on my YouTube channel? I will give you full credits, of course :)

RJMovieMan's avatar
Slifer is awesome 
Dragon-Of-Creativity's avatar
Slifer is good, but Galaxy-Eyes Better
andytantowibelzark's avatar
definitely noted in our list :)
smash222's avatar
I think he is the true strongest dragons in yugioh, sorry blue eyes
andytantowibelzark's avatar
effect wise, yes, i think blue eyes is over rated in the original yugioh hahahaha
GhostblightWerewolf's avatar
My fave Yugioh card made even more badass.
R3D96's avatar
Now this was a cool monster to have on your side in the classic anime. Slifer was my favorite of all the Egyptian God Cards.
andytantowibelzark's avatar
I remember reading the mange where atem fought diabound with slifer and like it instantly
NeonNeoz's avatar
This is so epic OAO
TheMoonStarWarrior's avatar
That is one big-ass Executive Producer

(jk this is freaking amazing great job!)
kidhero10000's avatar
if only we can get a wallpaper size art of all three cards working together :(
andytantowibelzark's avatar
maybe someday since I already have the 3D files
that's a good idea
Angryonion's avatar
Memory of childhood.
Thanks for making me remember it...

Man it's really freaking awesome..
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