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Thank you all for reading my journal. I think you will find this one very entertaining.


I related to this particular "Lila" cartoon because it happened to me over thirty years ago.  When I met Barbara, her father was a standard racist from his era.  If he saw a Black person on television, he would change the channel. Bear in mind that I am Latino and have dark skin. Her father considered himself a "Christian."  Her mother was Jewish, well-educated, but tolerated my existence.  Throughout the years Barbara's mother would periodically tell Barbara she should divorce me and marry a nice "lawyah."  They had a Right Wing neighbor and family friend who showed Barbara a wad of money amounting to ten thousand Dollars and told her she could have it if she would agree to not marry me. She refused the money. In all these circles, they said our marriage could not work.  I have to report all the marriages of their offspring did not work, but Barbara and I have been married for over 30 years.

Golf and Tea
Tea1</a> Tea2</a> Tea3f</a>
This month, Barbara took many day off from her job and we found different ways to entertain ourselves.  Friends, Terry and Gary joined us one afternoon as we played 9 holes of golf at the Arroyo Seco course. Afterwards, to celebrate, we took the Metro Red Line train to Hollywood for lunch. In the train, we witnessed some people having a fight, but that seemed to be normal for that train. We stopped at the Kodak theater, where they were preparing for the Academy Awards. Finally, we had English High Tea at Chados.

Six Sigma
I've been taking one exam after another for my on-line Six Sigma course. It's like training to be an efficiency expert. There's a lot of statistics concepts and graphs. I have to calculate figures like standard deviation. I learned all this in college within my Economics degree 40 years ago.  I guess employers see the word "economics" and their brains freeze and they have mental convulsions because they don't seem to know what to make of it when they see it on a resume.  So, some clever people took some of the concepts from economics and business and stuffed them into a package called "Six Sigma" and marketed it much like McDonalds marketed Hamburgers.  This marketing makes it easy for employers to swallow.  I would never take an on-line course again. The instructor doesn't even answer email questions. Have you ever taken an on-line course? It's easy money for them.

Hike Video with Anna
One day this month, my friend Ana and I had a great cardio workout on Grunt and Goat Trails. Climbing this steep grade up the mountain does a lot to make wonderful leg and butt muscles.  Anna is a kick-boxer and I spent three years doing that as well.  We also did our sit-ups, push-ups and leg-lifts. We were joined by Gabby, Chelsea, and Madison who were late, but finally found us and doubled the fun. Check out the video!

New Sink
Barbara's, Gary, bought and installed this wacky sink in our bathroom as a present for her. Our cats love to put their heads under there and get a drink. You see those little cups on the left? Those are for our cats. They insist on drinking on the counter.

Politics Chat Rooms  
One of my pastimes is engaging people in politics chat rooms and politics message boards.  When I was in high school, I was on the debate team.  We used to travel to rival high schools to engage their teams in formal debates.  The main topic at that time was the Vietnam war.  I feel like time has stood still because one of the main topics today remains war.  In a recent on-line discussion, I pointed out that Brown University researchers, in their Costs of War project, said the total for wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan has been at least $3.2-4 trillion. Had that money been spent in the USA for Americans on alternative energy, health, education, welfare, and infrastructure, the Right Wingers and Regressives would have been having strokes and calling it "socialism."  It continues to amaze me that the Right Wing continues to oppose alternative energy funding.  Such funding would remove our dependence on foreign oil and thus our perceived need to deploy soldiers into the Middle-East.  I think their ulterior motive is simply their love for war and their support for funneling money to defense contractors. Here is my favorite Facebook discussion… forum.  We have a ton of Liberals, but need well-read Conservatives who inform themselves with more than Fox news and whatever the Koch brothers stuff into their brains.  We would love to have debates with you.

Letter to the editor
I wrote a letter to the editor of the LA Times in response to J. Goldberg's article on Obama and the Republican opposition to contraceptives: enjoy!

Dear Editor:  Jonah Goldberg's article, "Obama's Liberty Grab" makes a wonderful sieve for straining half-baked ideas. His unsupportable assertion that requiring the Catholic church to provide contraceptive insurance to their Catholic and non-Catholic employees is "an attack on freedom of religion" is high comedy.  After all, what if the Jehovah's Witnesses wanted to have health insurance for its employees and wanted to exclude blood transfusions. Should we accommodate them? If the Christian Scientists only want to have health insurance which provides someone to pray for someone dying from appendicitis, should we accommodate them? It becomes ridiculous on the slippery slope. I wonder whose freedom is being assaulted? 98 percent of catholic women use or have used contraceptives. So, only the freedom of some bishops is being tweaked. Even they are probably only raising a stink so they can get the Pope to sprinkle some magic water on their heads and perhaps gain a promotion in the church hierarchy. Finally, the most laughable of all of Goldberg's arguments is that government health insurance leads to death panels. I almost spit my Kool-aid into the newspaper. We already have death panels run by the health insurance companies. Why does Goldberg think that if a private company decides to let someone die, it's a good thing? -- Andy Serrano


:thumb287503803: snowfall by ~cyberci

:thumb283071785: on ice by ~cyberci

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Crusado And Briciu by emperpep Crusado And Briciu by *emperpep

M.Gnezdnikovskiy lane Moscow by inObrAS M.Gnezdnikovskiy lane Moscow by *inObrAS

Envy by juanpipaw Envy by ~juanpipaw

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Iemanja by poivre
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The Valentine Archer by Fredy3D The Valentine Archer by `Fredy3D

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Into red velvet by `hellobaby

Okami Amaterasu by sakimichan Okami Amaterasu by =sakimichan

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BrightStar2's avatar
Wow ....well done for lasting this long, I think it made you fight that little stronger because most couples who start out have some kind of resentment from the familys I know I did, infact my family disowned me, long story, but this was the biscuit so to speak, you had alot to prove that you were know different to anyone else if not better in mind and you worked at what love is....and gave that much more to your partner to prove you loved her wonderful story.

Not taken a online course but I know how frustrating they can be through a friend who paid for a computor course who couldn't get his head around it and wasn't being answer but the team so gave up, he gave it to me to learn from but its the motivation that you really need to continue I didn't have it so just read throuh it to see
what they were teaching...I was already in collage visual is where I learn so much more.

haha my cat does that no matter how many bowls of water I put down for it he will go the the tap and lick the drips....I guess I wasn't disciplined Nice sink though...

I try to stay out of politics chat and talks about war, I do not claim to know muc about it but I do have my own opinion and it frustrats me, I do have one agreement we do need an army, without it we would be a world at war, and I thought the same things, about the people that make the descions, their ulterior motive is simply their love for war and being in power...thank god not enough to start another world war....enough said.

Oh and I don't think you gor a responce from the editor Did You?

and Looks like you had fun out in the fresh air with your friend, keep having fun and enjoying life as we know it........lovely feature Andy have a great week....:)
AndySerrano's avatar
Yes. That's true. I suspect most newly married people have initial resentment from the parents. No one seems to ever be good enough for their children. I was very impressed when she refused the bribe to not marry me. And, I think she's impressed by my acceptance of an open marriage. She loves always having another man in her life. I would love to hear about why your family disowned you. That seems rather harsh and cruel.

Next time I take a class, it will be live and not on computer for sure.

I definitely spoil my cats!

Costa Rica does not have an army. They are able to spend more money on their people.

Right. The editor of the newspaper never responded to me. Sigh

I'll be making some more climbing videos as soon as we select some spectacular cliffs to climb and get it organized.
BrightStar2's avatar
that is so true, no one seems to be unless it suits them...
Long story, I would write it all to explain but not wanting the whole da to
so to Cut a long story short, My step mother would find any excuse to keep my dad from me anyway,
she didn't like him and so we would not get invoting over,
and his family didn't agreed with our relationship, and gave him an ultimatum he chose me, at first but I was 6yrs older,quieter, more for family things..we were happy and no one was for us, so we enjoy every bit of time together...but the fun went...
it lasted 13yrs before things got the better of him, we broke 7yrs ago...
and my family wasn't there for me....I made my bed so to
AndySerrano's avatar
Oh. I see. I think I understand. In many ways now, you're an orphan.
You can always write to me in notes if you wish.
Thank you for sharing this. I didn't know.
— Andy
BrightStar2's avatar
Not an orphan, just lost my mum at an early age of 2
my dad brought us up and married the
I was out casted with any little excuse, my relationship
was one of them excuse....No bigger life goes on...
thanks, just glad you are happy in life inspite of the problems
keep doing what you do with love in your heart,
your life will be so much more pleasure...:heart:
sesam-is-open's avatar
Beautiful February:)
AndySerrano's avatar
Thank you for reading it!
sesam-is-open's avatar
inObrAS's avatar
Wonderful collection! :clap:
And thank You very much for the feature! :hug:
AndySerrano's avatar
You deserve to always be featured
Fredy3D's avatar
Thanks a lot for featuring my pics. :w00t:
AndySerrano's avatar
I really like your work
raquelvonkaminaru's avatar
Always nice to read your adventures with Barbara.
And that sink??? Gorgeous!!!
AndySerrano's avatar
We had a previous sink that was also equally as weird. Thanks for stopping by!
emperpep's avatar
Thank you = )
CrisVector's avatar
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