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Sleeping Buddha

Sleeping Buddha

All of us have a sleeping Buddha within us. It's that part of us which is blissful, loving, empathetic, and detached from the sea of turmoil in which we swim. When we wake up in the morning, it requires an alarm clock or other noise. However, when you want to take the sleeping Buddha within you, you need silence and serenity, perhaps during a long long walk by yourself.
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May 29, 2010, 10:50:58 AM
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Just so you know, this image is incorrectly named. This pose represents Buddha at the moment he enters Nirvana (ie. death), not sleeping. The other reclining Buddha pose where he is resting on one elbow is the 'resting' pose. The seated resting pose is sometimes referred to as 'sleeping'.
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I appreciate receiving this information.  If you look below, you will see someone else also told me this.  Perhaps you could make a suggestion for a new title. That would be very helpful.
Dominion-Photography's avatar
Sorry, didn't see the other comment. Read all the comments on page 1, but for some reason didn't notice that there was a second page...

Anyway, I've been thinking about a name, but I'm hopeless at giving my work interesting names, so I might not be the person to ask! ;)  If it was mine I'd probably call it "Entering Nirvana" or something like that. Sorry, can't think of anything better.
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Thank you for your idea.  I'll give it a think.
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That's not sleeping, but passing away Buddha. He died in sleepin' lion's posture.
AndySerrano's avatar
That is good information. Thank you for telling me that.  I will adjust my responses.
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There is a resemblance
devine-consciousness's avatar
i read how this is the way to meditate laying down
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That's the first time I've ever heard of this. Interesting. And thank you!
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Beautiful photo! Thinking of your words here, some Asian painting imagery came to mind. Which made me wonder if you happened to see any museums while you were in Japan. I really love the nature paintings that I see with Asian imagery in it (I guess you could call it the typical cranes, mountains, lakes, etc.) I just love nature art. If you happened to take any photos of any artwork from Japan, I'd love to see it!
AndySerrano's avatar
It would have been nice to have gone to museums in Japan, but I had to sacrifice them in order to see as much of the real Japan as I could. Maybe next time I will visit some of their museums. I did most of my sightseeing on foot. That allowed me to meet more people and to have more experiences.
drumgirl's avatar
That makes sense. I am sure the experiences were ones that you will never regret having experienced.
Forestina-Fotos's avatar
Lovely! Buddhism is the only religion (philosophy?) that I have ever felt remotely drawn to.
AndySerrano's avatar
Yes. I relate to it very much as well. I especially love the philosophy of detachment. One by one, I've worked on emotions like envy, jealousy and boredom. I rarely if ever feel those anymore.
Forestina-Fotos's avatar
Buddhism made me a lot less materialistic. Though I have developed a desire for Victorian odds and ends recently. I'm trying to be selective though. ;)
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I think Buddhism takes it to an extreme. I think it's ok to have riches and things, but to always be on guard about becoming attached to them.
Draco-Aroace-the-1st's avatar
Buddhism dose not say you can't have some riches just don't become attached to them and most of all never pick things over people.
Forestina-Fotos's avatar
Etain-McCloud's avatar
This is an awesome Buddha!
AndySerrano's avatar
:iconrudeboyskunkplz::iconrudeboyskunkplz2::iconrudeboyskunkplz3: on Sleeping Buddha. There were many statues behind this one. Most of them had offerings of fruit in front of them. Some had cokes, candies, and other treats. People paying tribute to them would get on their knees and bow all the way down to the ground. [link]
AsToldBySarah's avatar
bravo! Splendid shot, especially with the mountains in the back :D
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It was an especially clear day and the mountain snow had not yet melted. Thanks
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