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Shibuya at Night

Shibuya at Night

Shibuya at Night by AndySerrano Shibuya at Night 1

Shibuya at Night 2 by AndySerrano 2

Shibuya at Night 3 by AndySerrano 3

Shibuya at Night 4 by AndySerrano 4

Shibuya at Night 5 by AndySerrano 5

Hachiko Crossing in Shibuya, Japan, at Night.  Large prints now available for sale.… Featured in DA News. Submitted to the news by :iconthe-pink-rabbit:

:iconkaz-d: kaz-d featured this in her journal… Project Educate Night Photography

:iconhanakiraboshi: Hanakiraboshi featured this photo in her… Journal… Video… L.A. Times Story on the Shibuya Scramble… More Japanese Photos
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1/60 second
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18 mm
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Sep 20, 2008, 2:00:35 AM
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Night-time Japan in the big cities is dazzling. The crowds are amazing. This intersection swarms like bees in a hive.  The food and entertainment are amazing!!
Thank you for your exciting comment
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I see that someone already has remarked what is my first thought: "Blade Runner"!
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The picture does evoke that, however, being there evokes fun!
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I collected that picture, and it still makes me think of Decker and Spinners every time I go through that folder.

Small-town me would be absolutely lost somewhere like that! I'm not very brave about big cities. The biggest I've driven in is St. Louis, and I just skirted that to go to Henry VIII Inn & Lodge for SF/fantasy/genre conventions. Nowadays, I doubt I'd have the courage.

If I could go anywhere, it would be Ireland, where most of my ancestors came from. I don't know if I'd like the bigger cities, but the countryside and villages would be wonderful. I believed for such a long time that I would get there, but that dream definitely has been put aside. It really is the one place in the world I'd love to visit. Now, close to home, I would spend every weekend at Bristol Renaissance Faire if I could, even if I could only sit beneath a tree. That would be enough. And, I WOULD play my music again. Being in garb would demand it. At Bristol, I was able to blossom.
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My wife and I periodically flirt with the idea of going to Ireland.  Our choices for our next trip keep fluctuating.
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If you ever go, I shall be anxiously awaiting your photographs! I should start an Ireland folder! That's going to be my next search here.

I hope you will go, as it looks like such an amazing place, with many areas locked in a long-ago time. Even parts of the cities echo the past. I'd have to stock up on batteries and those memory stick things for my trusty little digital camera. I never thought I would want one and bought it originally for selling at eBay and Webstore; I purchased the cheapest, easiest-to-use one at Wal-Mart, and I've never regretted it. I rarely edit pictures except maybe to crop them. Otherwise, most pictures turn out successful enough to suit me, not that I'm all that picky. I'd be terrible trying to work a complicated camera, as I learned with my first 35mm back in the Seventies. What a disaster!
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Sometimes we just toss a dart at a world map and that settles where we are going.

I am not a member of the photograph purist club.  I have no problem playing with photos on Photoshop and using them as my canvas.
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I've started experimenting with photographs. I was trying to "doctor" one of Pyewacket and had the notion of seeing her "retro", in b&w. I got some positive feedback when people "favorite" it.

I'm going to try some effects, but I'm limited on Photobucket. Sadly, Print Shop won't load on this computer. Darn it! I LOVE Print Shop! Wal-Mart doesn't have an edition that will work, so I'm dreaming of getting a motherboard for the laptop that went out. With it, I could do so much that this notebook won't.

Photoshop stays far too expensive for my pension. *sigh*
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As I recall, there are free share-ware simple versions of Photoshop floating around on the web.
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Wonderful shot! :clap:
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:icontyftfplz: on  Shibuya at Night.  Night-time Japan in the big cities is dazzling. The crowds are amazing. This intersection swarms like bees in a hive.…
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It's really amazing! I've been lucky enough to see it with my own eyes this summer. :love:
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You are most fortunate indeed.  I had a hotel room about four blocks from this this photo.
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I lived in Yokohama for a month but I went to Tokyo almost
twice every week then :love: 
But the loveliest place was Kamakura.
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I loved Kamakura. The best places to visit are the small villages.
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this is awesome!!
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:icontyftfplz: on Shibuya at Night. I'm happy you feel it's awesome. Night-time Japan in the big cities is dazzling. The crowds are amazing. [link]
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there's a youtube video [link]
with the alexander perls homeless club kids remix song that is awesome, but this picture is so awesome, makes me wanna fly right over just to be in the mix of humanity!!!
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The video was fun and accurate. Harajuku is just a short walk from this intersection.
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The clarity on this shot is amazing.
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:icontyftfplz: on Shibuya at Night. Night-time Japan in the big cities is dazzling. The crowds are amazing. I'm happy you like the clarity! [link]
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