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Open Mouthed Ostrich

Open Mouthed Ostrich New Zealand

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 Open Mouth Feature

I'm lucky I got the photo. The bird tried to take my camera out of my hand. We had a tug-of-war over it.

New Zealand

New Zealand Ostriches by AndySerrano New Zealand Ostriches

Malfroy Garden by AndySerrano Malfroy Garden

Te Ana-au by AndySerrano Te Ana Au

Wellington Sphere, NZ by AndySerrano Wellington Sphere
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:icondsfav1plz::icondsfav2plz::icondsfav3plz:  on  Open Mouth Ostrich.  You're lucky I got the photo. The bird tried to take my camera 

Open Mouthed Ostrich by AndySerrano

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Yes. And these birds really stank.
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incredible shot! Your photo will be presented on my animal blog here:
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Thank you for adding Open Mouth Ostrich. to your animal blog.  You're lucky I got the photo. The bird tried to take my camera
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May I use this picture for my drawing of Cry and a guy 'Markiplier' ? They're great gamers. <3
I will give you credit c:
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Sure. Go ahead and use it.
I would love permission to use this picture on my blog. Would it be OK if I provided the source?
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Sure. Go ahead and use it.
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It looks like it wants to eat you, I can't tell it's gender because it is a juvenile.
Ostrich: Give me that camera! I didn't give you permission to take a picture of me!
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The ostrich actually grabbed my camera with its mouth and we had a tug of war for it. I won.

Thanks for the fave!
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I guess that is what happens when you don't ask permission to take pictures, lol
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True. When I held out the permission slip for the ostrich to sign, it swallowed the paper.
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I like that one, the Ostrich just didn't like you then lol. Is it okay if I use this deviation in the group avatar animation I am working on?
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Sure you can use it. Just put a link on the site pointing back to my ostrich when you are done and let me enjoy seeing it.
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Okay, that sounds good, Thank You! I have to find a superb deviation of a cassowary, Emu, Rhea, Kiwi, and Moa before I can make it.
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When I was in New Zealand, I tried in vain to find a free-range cassowary.
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So so funny cute!!:aww:
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It was cute, but stinky
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:D :laughing:
and you, anything crazy-funny in your life last days..?:)
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I am relieved the stock market has been rebounding. I refinanced my house at 3.5% interest, which is very good.

While hiking in the local mountains, I heard a woman's voice calling my name. It was Kristine. She hates hiking alone and she said she came up there hoping to find me. She wanted to tell me she would be moving to a new home 3000 miles away in New York.

My wife asked her golf teacher to go with her to a concert. She took him and returned around midnight. In the morning, her golf teacher's wife called my wife and called her all kinds of horrible names. Apparently, he never told his wife where he would be going. That was his fault.

I just came back from having a wonderful sushi dinner at a Japanese restaurant.
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oh Japanese food, I love sushi!! :sushi::sushi::sushi:
It happens always something different, funny, and a bit crazy things in you life! I really enjoy of them! And your wife, she have very colorful life too:D:lol: Thank you for telling me!!:aww:

My dear cat Serafina died last week, it was horroble, I was so sad, can't understand that she is not with me anymore. I have told this only to you and one very sweet artist here on dA. She created beautiful work to me, It is this one :thumb309250930:

she has been very nice to me, she love cats. I thanked her, and sent emoticons, I'm really bad with the icons, but I love them, so do this artist, I shoul send this icon to her, :iconstars-plz: but it was
by misstake boobs or ass I sent!:omg:B:hmm: :D
This is not the first time, she knows it..:laughing:
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