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A couple of notes-
"Wow, Chrysalis murdered a cat!"
If so, that's the strangest looking cat I've ever seen. Officially scripted as the citizens of Wovey Dovey Land, and not cats. And as to what ol' Queen Bucktooth did... I didn't see anything, did you? What we don't see can be far worse than what we do... And that's the last I'll say about it.

"Will you and Katie be returning?"
Of course! We love bringing you these stories, and your response has been more positive than we ever could have imagined. Katie and I are working on new stories right now. We return with issue 9! In the meantime, keep an eye out for new cover art!

"Can I mail you my book to have it signed?"
No. Sorry, I really am not comfortable giving out my home address, or becoming responsible for somebody else's property. Your best bet is to catch me at a show, I'm doing many this year, and I will gladly sign books!

"Can I have a sketch/page/art?"
For free? No, sorry. This is honestly how I make a living- art purchases are my paycheck. I sell commissions at shows, and people can make serious inquiries about purchasing published pages, but I cannot give you free art.

I've done conventions in one form or another since 1982. I was a Costumer when it was still Masquerading, before the word Cosplay was ever thought of. I've attended, bought, sold, exhibited... so I've seen, well, a LOT. Here's a few tips for staff and attendees
1. BATHE. yes, that does mean you. And wash your costume from the last 5 times you wore it.
2. Convention Staff- It's really unprofessional, and very uncool to ask guests of the show if they will split their room with con staff, or anyone else they've never met before. It's happened a few times. We're stressed enough with travel and preparation and working the show the entire weekend, and a total lack of sleep. We don't want to share intimate space with strangers.
3. Attendees- Our table filled with displays, original art, books and prints, is not a dumping ground for your purchases and your drinks. If you have to pile it down, set it on the floor.
4. Attendees- forming a line rather than a mob will get you attention quicker. And it's polite.
5. Attendees- due to the nature of the subject matter, we have a LOT of kids at our table... DON'T step in front of them, and DON'T speak over them when we are talking to them. And remember, this is as much their show as yours, respect them. The last thing you wish to do is piss off the person you want to see... I have sent people away from my table before, I will again.
Attendees- Try to keep a bag or backpack or something similar handy... You'll buy more than you think at a show, you want something to haul it around in.
6. Con Staff- We appreciate you more than we admit. Really.
7. Attendees- this applies to all shows of any size... GET OUT OF THE AISLE TO TAKE YOUR PHOTOS. Don't block everyone else because you want to show your thong-clad trouser hams to somebody with a Polaroid. Move to the side- you can take your time with photos, and traffic keeps moving.
8. Attendees WITH SKETCHBOOKS- Please please PLEASE PUT YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS IN YOUR BOOK!! If you have to take off or something happens, your valued collection of art is now with someone that has no way to contact you. I won't touch a book until I know this info is in it.

Okay, enough ranting. Katie Cook, Stephanie Buscema and myself will be at Big Apple Ponycon in Brooklyn NY this weekend! Come on down and see us!
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I suspect Chrysalis put the 'resident' into a giant garlic press and squeezed its juices out for culinary purposes. EVIL culinary purposes! D:
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No mobs?

*sniffles sadly and puts away his pitchforks and torches*

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I appreciate the con etiquette list - I wish more people would follow them. The only new item for me was the bit about sketchbooks. It just never occurred to me to put my name and phone # in them, but mine rare leave the house. Still, all good ideas help! Also, I think it's cool when cons think to print similar etiquette list in the con handbooks. I hope to see you at a con sometime, and I promise to bathe ;)
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It was so awesome to meet you and Katie at Big Apple Ponycon! My daughter just loves her Pinkie Pie sketch. (And the prints I bought for myself are beyond awesome!) Thanks so much! I'm so happy to see how you guys really do put the kids first. She is a fan for life now :)
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The most important one to me is being kid friendly. I personally thank it's great that we have such an awesome show for kids now, and it's really more there's than ours.
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Couldn't agree more with this. Hope you have (some) fun at BAP, and I might see if I can't try and snag you for Midwest Brony Fest if you're interested in having a drink again!

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I was really surprised you were able to get that panel past the censors (if you have any there at IDW). That was one of my favorite pages of the whole story arc. It really helped paint Crysalis as a real, mean villain and not a generic Saturday morning cartoon antagonist. I can't wait to see more of your awesome art in issue 9!
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I'm not really gonna comment on the convention equities....because I don't go to conventions(Mostly because I live in PR and they are way to expensive.)
I'm kind of happy that you and Katie are returning to write more MLP stories.

Also on the Chrysalis killing the Wuvey Duvey cat....I always thought that she ate him/her. i guess that explains why she needed the anti-acid. :lol:

Speaking of the MLP comic books I read issue 4(I bought the subscription cover) and it was really good and surprisingly satisfying. I love the detail you gave to Chrysalis(the drool was a clever touch) it made her more scarier. I'd say it was truly worth the wait. :clap:
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I totally thought she murdered that cat...
seahawk270's avatar
Looking forward to seeing you guys this weekend!
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Add two more and you'll the Convention Commandments.

They'll need to be carved in stone and displayed at any and all cons.
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Gosh. Number 7 was so darned annoying at Canterlot Gardens, and the con staff did a great job limiting the number of people in artist alley (obeying fire safety regs! First I've ever seen). I just don't understand people who do this.

Can't wait to see you at a con.
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Got to love gory discretion shots though. Leaves it up to the reader's imagination.
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"2. Convention Staff- It's really unprofessional, and very uncool to ask guests of the show if they will split their room with con staff, or anyone else they've never met before. It's happened a few times. We're stressed enough with travel and preparation and working the show the entire weekend, and a total lack of sleep. We don't want to share intimate space with strangers."

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I thought that was a greeting card in the shape of a cat? But hey, I only saw it through links. None of the comics have reached Malaysia, yet. Ever~!! Not even issue 1!! *sniffy-sobs*
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Have you thought about getting digital comics from Comixology first, then getting the physical ones once they arrive? That's what I've been doing here in Germaneigh, and unless you're buying the newest issue, they come at a significant discount. They're really too great to miss out on.
K4nK4n's avatar
I can't order them online. Any ideas how to change Ringgit Malaysia to Euros or USD online?
si1entVi3w3r's avatar
I'm terribly sorry, but I have no idea how to do that. Hopefully someone else will be able to help you. I just give Comixology my credit card info, and my bank pays them in USD, despite my account being in Euros. It costs me a 1.75% fee, but it's cheaper than e.g. PayPal's horrible conversion rates. I suppose having a credit card is necessary for this.

There is of course the alternative of iTunes, but you need an iDevice for that, and I cannot recommend getting one of those. If you already have one, however, and can find the comics in the iTunes store via your device, you can probably buy them that way using those pre-paid iTunes cards you can get in stores. That's really the only alternative to a credit card I can think of right now.
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After chairing a first year convention I agree on all counts.
DizzyPacce's avatar
I like to think she hit the fuzzy wuzzy thing with a cream pie.
GeminiSaint-FM's avatar
About the first note... that only raises further questions.
ZearouAyedea's avatar
If Chrysalis did not kill the feline-resembling creature, I wonder what she did to make the Crusaders scream.
The world will never know! :giggle:
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Technically, we don't know that it was the Crusaders that screamed. Maybe Chrysalis was the one who screamed when she suddenly slipped on some Wovey Dovey Lander poo.
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That first one is something that should be mandatory for conventions. No shower in the last twelve hours? Back of the line.
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