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Also more questions: Is it canon? That's really up for the reader to decide, as far as I'm concerned. We ARE working in conjunction with Hasbro, so they have a say in all story elements, if that gives you a better perspective. This is the closest to show canon it's going to get, folks!

These are new stories? YES, not retellings of episodes, all new all original stories.

Is this only a mini-series? Not really. The first story arc is 4 issues, but there is already more planned! We have no intention of stopping!

Are you selling the original art? Yes, the original art will be up for sale after a little bit. Prices aren't set yet, offers will be taken. One thing I will say is that the 6 covers for issue one are to be sold as a complete set.

Are you doing all the art? Yes, I am doing all interior art. There are multiple artists doing the covers.

Back to work for me, see you in Cincinnati, Bronies & Pegasisters!
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A bit late, but hooray for more Queen Chrysalis.
She's one of my three tied favs, along with Twilight Sparkle and Princess Luna!