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Normally, I'm opposed to big sneak peeks... at cons, I won't let you see your sketch until it is completely done. However, 4 pages have been put on display at the NYC My Little Pony Project this weekend. Photos of the pages have been leaked and posted, so... if the page is going to be shown, then I'm going to at least give you a clear look at it! But ONLY this page.

I've posted a page to my MLP Folder in my gallery. This is page 3 from issue 1, a grand splash giving hints at the story. There are also a lot of tips of the hat to the show and to the MLP Franchise in general. You'll also find myself, my wife, and writer Katie Cook ponified... poned? As well as six (count 'em) cats... my cats!

There have been MANY questions posed by glimpses at the other pages, which can be seen here…

Ask away! Just know this... I'm likely NOT going to answer them :) That's right, I'm not giving out any more spoilers other than what has already been given. So you'll just have to wait until the book hits in November!

Get to your local comic shop or find one online and order your book today!
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Zombie Ponies? Oh noes! :ohnoes:

Yep, I'm going to be buying this. Can't wait! :eager: