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It looks to be pretty official, according to our editor, that the MLP comic has been pushed back two weeks to Nov 28 for street release date.

Before anybody gets upset (like one jerk on Twitter did), keep in mind the scope of this production: This is not a fanmade comic as some seem to think it is: This is a fully licensed comic book from a major Comic publisher done in cooperation with Hasbro. It is also one of the most highly anticipated comics for the entire fall/winter schedule. As such, we'd rather do it well than do it fast.

The orders for this book have far exceeded what was first anticipated, so a little more padding in the schedule is going to help to ensure the product can meet the demand

I also want to remind everyone: I am NOT The distributor/publisher... I just draw it. You cannot purchase the book directly from me. Here's some ground I've covered a number of times, but I keep getting asked... so here we go:
1. WHERE IS IT SOLD? This will be sold along all the other comics out there at any given comic shop, and whatever other stores in your area that might sell comics
2. HOW DO I GET IT? See above. You can subscribe to the book at a comic shop to make sure you have a copy reserved.
3. WILL IT BE OVERSEAS? I've no clue what kind of range IDW (our publisher) has for distribution. As far as I know, I think so. Where however is out of my field of knowledge. You can order online at any number of online comic services, and have it shipped
4. IS IT CANON? The comic is set within show continuity, and is done in cooperation with the show staff. This is as close to the show as it gets without having it animated. I personally say yes, but it is really up to the individual to decide.
5. WILL YOU READ MY IDEA/FANFICTION/USE MY PONY? No, sorry, we cannot for a number of reasons, including legal. Nor will we be using anything from previous fanfiction, nor the German comics.
6. WILL THERE BE HUMANS? No. We will not be changing the direction set by the show, nor will we introduce elements that do not fit the show.

on another note, I would like everyone to welcome our newest addition to the stable, our colorist Heather Breckel!
I originally intended on coloring the book myself, but the work I put into the book took the time I had scheduled away. I was extremely reluctant to give it up... and who was this Heather chick, anyway? well, Heather has made sure that this book is going to hit a home run, and has done a great job.

We have a LOT of plans for Ponyville... you're just going to have to wait two more weeks to get there!
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I'm 26 years old. Bought this comic yesterday. I've never been a comic reader but I love this. The art is AMAZING.

I like the subtle jokes that were thrown in and internet references.

It felt very much like an actual episode, or maybe even better.

I expected the MLP comic to be very "childish" but like the show, it rises above that stereotype.

Thank you.
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Thank you very much!Our goal was to make the book All ages, and we meant it.
Although, I have to ask, what do you mean by "internet references"?
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Oh ya. I guess I should have said that I bought 2 copies.. One to read, and one that will never be opened. :)

We bronies sure do like our pony swag. XD
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will there be sea ponies? aliens? Time travel from 100 years in the future? Anything that little girls wouldn't want to see in their cartoons?

Continuity wise...
Is this a continuous story type of comic or is it like the show where there isn't really any continuity between each release?
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I can't reveal future plans. I will say their will NOT be elements that are inappropriate for any younger readers, this comic is aimed at ALL ages.

These will, for the most part, be story arcs, meaning stories that will continue for a set amount of issues
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Awesome, because if it was like the show, which is essentially slice of life, It would seem kinda downgraded.

And will there be a sneak peak of the script at least? Because i've seen snap shots of some pages from the first few issues but it was hard to understand what was going on and the screens didn't seem cohesive. I'd like to see and understand what is going on in the previews.

And speaking of previews, are the page layouts or the black and white illustrations (minus the color of course) pretty much what we will be seeing in the final product? And how long do you guys plan to do this awesome thing go on for?

Sorry for so many questions. I'm just really curious. Thanks for your time
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No script reveals, there would be no point in people buying the book if we show everything that's in it before it's even printed. The book will be out Nov 28, so everyone will know then. The pages shown were not consecutive.

The pages shown were complete, uncropped art without lettering. As for how long the book will continue, that's up to the buyers! No sales, no book!
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Will this comic be available the week of Nov 28, or exactly on Nov 28? Because I read Archies comics and they say "NEXT ISSUE AVAILABLE WEEK OF MM/DD" where I can go to a book store a few days in advanced and still get it. Is that how this will work? Because I have never been so eager to get my hands on a comic in so long. AND AH WANT IT NOW!
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It releases to comic shops the day of November 28, as in that is the day deliveries hit comic shops!
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And it's gonna be like that for future issues?
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Over 90K copies pre-ordered? And there's no comic shop anywhere near here. I just hope to find few on ebay or something. People here speak only french , so we probably won't find any english comic anytime soon lol.

Your thoughts on the approaching 100,000 pre-order milestone ?
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absolutely awe-struck. My brain can't handle it!
Check for online mailing services, and also, the book will be available for download on comixology
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huh. And I thought Before Watchmen was controversial. Sorry you are having to go through this. Come to my house and I'll make you guys dinner & cocktails!
andypriceart's avatar
Deal!... especially that whole cocktail part!
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Andypriceart, we're SO stoked for this release in NYC that we've formed a meetup event around it to celebrate. Check it out : [link]
andypriceart's avatar
Very, very cool! Take pics! And for those of you going to NYCC, Katie Cook will be set up and would love to meet some anxious fans!
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you can say the book will be 'set within show continuity' all you want but we all know that is not how comic books usually work.
Historically when a tv show or cartoon becomes a comic book it is a little more freeing in plot and stuff then it's derivative work.
I think your statements are the 'official' ones but are not going to be completely true when book comes to shove. . .and I can only hope that is the case. :D

AND I might add. For anyone reading this comment, take careful note of what andypriceart wrote here
"The comic is set within show continuity, and is done in cooperation with the show staff"
but what if the shows staff are planning on the comic book having a bit more freedom than the show?
Well either way that statement is a very key statement.
And here is what wkipedia has to say about Continuity in comic books.
"In comic books, continuity has also come to mean a set of contiguous events, sometimes said to be "set in the same universe" (see fictional crossover and fictional universe) or "separate universes" (see intercompany crossover)."

This is also important to think about because this means that this comic book could take place in the same universe as mlp and even have the sem mythos but aside from that this could mean a LOT of things.

Call it wishful thinking but I'm pretty sure there is being more said here than what is let on.
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Well, I can wait it's ok. However, I feel upset about that one rude guy giving you guys hard time. It will be out once its ready.
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Waiting as patiently as possible to see it. No rush! BUT SERIOUSLY HURRY I NEED MY FIX
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I can't believe people think this is fan made. LOL And I hate having to wait but whatever. If it means comic shops across America are all ordering more then yeah! Maybe they'll get a hint and stop wasting so much shelf space on superheroes and start giving comics like Adventure Time and My Little Pony more attention. I've wanted My Little Pony to have a comic forever, the fact that there's going to be a monthly comic is awesome, so yeah, I can wait. I found out about this comic in the summer so I've already been waiting patiently, I can wait a few weeks more. I just hope people all across America hound their local comic shops and grocery stores and books stores, maybe then they'll carry more than just Archie comics again.
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it is understandable, the art is really good
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I ordered the box set. I've waited this long. I can wait a little longer. All good things here I see. I am just happy that this is happening at all. I believe most others share my sentiment. Don't let the impatient minority get to you.
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