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Wow, you guys are anxious! The questions about the new comic are non-stop! i apologize if I cannot address them all personally, they come so fast!

Here's a few things to touch on:

Past generation ponies making appearances: that's really Hasbro's call, not ours, so you'll just have to wait and see!
Humans: Nope. Nothing that does a major stray from what is established in the show.
Distribution: Not something we really have a knowledge of- the book will be in general comic shops nationwide, and you can subscribe to the book at the shops. As to what countries it will ship to, I've no clue there. Check Diamond Distribution to find out more! There are companies that will ship comics overseas (try Mile High Comics). IDW will also have it available digitally. We hope you will buy the physical comic, it has a bigger impact on comic sales and shows your support to the industry! Besides... Variant covers mean you'll have fun looking for all the different covers!
Trade edition: while no plans have been put in stone, it's probable there will be trade editions in the future.

Three  big issues:
1. I've had a number of requests to put in people's original Creation ponies, or to read suggested histories for characters, etc. In short, we cannot do this. The big reasons are legal. But also, if we did this for one, we have to do it for everyone, and there would no longer be room for the Mane 6! (and the little dragon guy... )
2. I've also had people asking me how they can get a job on the book. You do realize you are asking me how you can take my job away from me, right? Ain't happenin' ;)
3. Most important: Yes, I take commissions (When I am able to), but I will not even acknowledge requests or suggestions for "clop-Clop". Don't even ask, and that is the end of that subject.

As announced both Katie Cook and myself will be at Cincinnati Comic Expo in September. This will be the first show we are both attending since the book was announced! Sept. 22-23, Cincinnati Ohio

I will be at Dragon*Con! And, it looks like I may even be doing a Pony panel! No idea what the content of that will be yet, but get down to Georgia and find out! August 1-Sept 3 (labor day weekend) Atlanta Georgia. Tara (Twilight Sparkle) Strong will also be at Dragon*Con!

Wizard World Chicago: Sorry, not going

New York Comic Con: Ditto. DIRELY wish I was doing this show, but expenses are far too high for this one

Remember if you want to see myself or Katie (or better, both!) at a show, please tell us about the show, and even better tell the show about us!!! Asking a show for guests goes a LONG way to getting them there!
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Why do people insist that their OC stuff get recognized?

Don't people just want more stories involving the characters they know and love? I know that's what I want, and I'm happy to see people who care about them are handling their storeies. More fans should see things that way...
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I can't wait to read the comic! I haven't collected comics the past few years but looks like I am going back to it =). I hope to see more Luna in the comic book =p
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Yay, no humans! Poor Lyra's going to be sad, though

I can't believe anyone would ask you to make clop art
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Hope you're practiced in singing Twilightlicious, our Brony queen will most likely ask you to sing it when you meet her. ;)
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The absolute last thing anyone wants in this world is to hear me sing... perhaps a jagged fingernail, dipped in lemon juice and then scraped across the surface of the eye might be worse, but not by much...
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Then better have a present ready to give her.
If you don't mind me asking what exactly is it that makes NYCC too expensive? I've done the show for years as both a fan and a dealer and while it's not cheep (it is NYC after all) never found it a bank breaking show like SDCC.
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To buy a table: $500.
Travel by plane round trip: Tickets start at $270 per person (two of us)
Area hotels: cheapest in the area I found started at $200 per night for a minimum 4 night stay. So far we're at $1840. This does not take into account hotel or airflight taxes or luggage fees, nor food, or if needed, taxis. To be very modest, we'll say $2200. I'd love to be there, I've tried to be there for the past few years, but I can't put forward this kind of money.
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I am so excited to see what you can do :D

And one day I will commission a Bacon Sparkles from you.
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yay! i cant wait to buy and collect these as well! and comssions? :D (coughDiscordcough)
im so going to comssion you then
What the hell is clop-clop? sounds like a pony name
wait clop is in adult stuff?XD
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Definitely getting the variant covers for #1, and then I'll pick which one to get regularly. I loved Sibsy's Darkwing covers, but my favorite shop never stocked them!
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No humans, yay!!! Humans are the worst idea ever, the lack if humans makes the show good.
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Commissions? As in pony commissions? :o
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All I really want is for Princess Luna & Queen Chrysalis to have more appearances.
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Thanks for posting :) I cant wait to get a copy of the comic :)
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Glad to see this post. :D
Although it may be difficult to buy this comic in my country.. (I hope I can buy one from Amazon or EBay).

Good luck and I'll enjoy your works!
(Sweet Luna and Celestia, I wish there will be more Luna in S3 and in official comics..)
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Have you seen the official season two cast picture? [link]

It features quite a lot of fan-favourite background ponies, gathered in a way that ought not to be a coincidence.
- Lyra Heartstrings and Bon Bon are next to each other. Fanworks often depict them as close friends.
- Golden Harvest and Minuette hold a possibly drunken Berry Punch. A bit of a stretch, but funny still.
- Vinyl "DJ Pon-3" Scratch is playing a prank on Octavia. They are another popular pairing in fanworks.
- Time Turner / Doctor (W)Hooves is next to Twilight-Sparkle-from-the-future. Dalek invasion coming?
- Screwball is hugging the statufied Discord. Many fanworks make them family in one way or another.
- And, of course, we have the muffin queen herself well in view in the upper-right corner of the picture.

You said you liked to put little details in the background. If that's what you have in mind, I think we would love you for it.
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I've GOT to find these posters. This is one of a set of four, from WAL-MART, of all places! The wedding, Villains, Map of Equestria, and this season 2 cast shot.
Sorry you have to deal with people who can't seem to grasp your position. Assuming the artist has all this power over the book and knowledge of all the logistics. I'm not sure why people seem to think the artists and writers of comics can really do anything they want with non-self published works. MLP belongs to Hasbro, Hasbro is in charge and puts certain limits on your guys. I look forward to the comic and hope when it comes to stories Hasbro has left you guys enough leeway to make a book in the same spirit as the show.
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No apologies needed, it's simply fan excitement!
" I've had a number of requests to put in people's original Creation ponies, or to read suggested histories for characters"

Jesus Christ!, these people and their self entitlement, is disgusting. I would like to know why they think that their creations have the right to appear on official products just by requesting it or that their OCs deserve to be seen by everyone and form part of canon just because they want to, yet they wonder why OCs get so much hate.

It's almost infuriating and i'm really sorry that you have put through this sort of things, specially for stuff like "clop-clop". Unfortunately, with such a big and rabid fanabse, its bad aspects are almost unavoidable. I just hope they don't turn into an annoyance for you.

Oh, by the way:
"Past generation ponies making appearances: that's really Hasbro's call, not ours, so you'll just have to wait and see!"

There is really nothing else that you can tell us about this?

You know, things like:
Are these past generations ponies going to be just background or are they going to have some relevance to the stories?
If they actually have some involvement, are they going to play a big or a small role?
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It's great you answered these questions, it's great to see someone who is patient to the fans and cares. Your going to do great with this, I wish you the best of luck!
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"Clop-clop", huh? Weren't able to avoid r34 of ponies or looked specifically to get general info on the subj? Just curious.
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