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Tea Love's fantasy life with Big Mac



So in issue 9, Fleetfoot gets bonked on the head and dreams out her future with Big Mac... in issue 10, Tea Love also gets her noggin bashed. This is one of those script moments wear Katie says a basic notion, and says SURPRISE ME! The gag was the same, but I wanted to put a spin on it to separate it from being a repeat. Hmmm... Tea Love sounds to me as if she might be British... and a lightbulb went on over my head.

Originally the idea was to be photos from her "life with Mac" and it evolved into spy photos and a Bond theme, right down to the Aston Martin DB5 (pulled as a chariot, of course) and a pony version of Blofeld (note the Persian cat cutie mark and Nauru jacket). The "You Only Live Twice" theme lyrics played too well to the scene, so I had to include them.

I can say with some certainty I may be the first person to draw pastel colored horses in swimsuits and snorkel gear fighting sharks.

Originally, this page had a martini glass with an apple wedge on the rim (right next to the receipt for it) but myself and editorial agreed that was too much for a kids-oriented comic, so I 'shopped it out. No matter what you put in a martini glass, it still says BOOZE!

Brush and ink, dip pens, mechanical pens on 11x17 bristol board
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Tea Love then gets shot by Hoof-feld.