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Sunset Shimmer from MLP #9 sdcc edition

By andypriceart
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This is a panel taken from "The Fall of Sunset Shimmer" story that was released in the San Diego Comic Con exclusive edition of issue 9 of MLP:FIM, which gives a little back-story to Celestia's former student

This shows the uncolored art so that you can better read some of the book titles. Besides the nasty little special edition Sunset is holding in her hoof, one can see references to Fringe, Trek, DC, Shirley Jackson, Steve Martin, even Quantum Leap. This is how I keep myself entertained :)

For those of you that couldn't get this edition, the story will be reprinted this fall in the one-shot "Equestria Girls" annual.
Brush and ink, mechanical pens, Faber Casteel PITT pens on 11x17 Bristol Board
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ZanarNaryonHobbyist General Artist
Ah, the Necronomicon. The book who's name actually doesn' mean Book of the Dead, but everyone thinks so, because Lovecraft wasn't that good at latin
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KrashfaceHobbyist Traditional Artist
wait a second... did I read Lovecolt ?
StrandedGeek's avatar
Crisis on Infinite Equestria and who was Megan? Omg I got that. I doubt many modern bronies know Megan.
crimsonsoul198's avatar
I originally imagined Sunset's backstory and fall from grace  to be similar to Anakin Skywalker or Satan from the Bible
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Andy I love your art on MLP! It's the only kind I'll buy! I especially love looking for all the "easter eggs!" Kudos!
SonAze9000's avatar
"There is more than one of everything" - That is the tagline of the storyarc "Reflections" from MLP #17-20! Did we get a spoiler of this story so early on?
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andypriceartProfessional Traditional Artist
actually... yessssss :)
SonAze9000's avatar
I knew it! I wonder if you have put other spoilers in this comic or others as well...
spyrofan923's avatar
Wow so Sunset Shimmer is canon. I wonder if we'll see her in the show. A bit curious. Who fo you think makes for a better rival for Twilight, Sunset Shimmer or Trixie Lulamoon?
Doom-Tanker's avatar
Doom-TankerHobbyist Traditional Artist
Klaatu! barada! nik..*fake coughs*
Doomcakes's avatar
DoomcakesStudent General Artist
lol i thought the "who was megan" was gonna say "who was phone" x)
Godforoth's avatar
Wait.... what.. did she... read?
*go closer*
*and the the book close down violently*
Voice: It was never meant for the world of the living......
tanksmallcape's avatar
tanksmallcapeHobbyist Writer
"Crossing Over", "The First Ponies", "There is More Than One of Everything"...
She's into some real deep stuff
Persona22's avatar
And that's not even counting that she's reading the freaking Necronomicon right then!
Yupasama's avatar
She's reading the Necronomicon ? now I understand EVERY thing :)
Druce-White-Owl's avatar
Druce-White-OwlProfessional Writer
I spent longer than I'd like to admit reading all the titles; love it.
talon274's avatar
More Evil Dead!
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ArkenationsHobbyist Traditional Artist
I never got your fringe reference before, this is great

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Shouldn't that be "Soylent Glue"? ;)
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CooperGal24Hobbyist General Artist
The Necromonicon from the Evil Dead series! I saw that in the TellTale Games Poker Nights 2 gameplay, when Ash put the book up as a bounty!! ^^ Kudos for using the references in this scene!
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ShadowRunner27Professional Digital Artist
Oh my glob. This is so much win. :la:
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DarkAbusisStudent General Artist
Aww. I was even at Comic-con and I didn't know about this. Will there be any other way to get the extra comic?
HeroesFanboy138's avatar
It'll be in the Annual coming out this week.
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