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SCIENCE! Luna and Tiberius commission

By andypriceart
an oversized commission piece done last year as a pre-order sketch before a convention.
 11x17, PITT pens, copic markers, colored pencil. 
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© 2017 - 2021 andypriceart
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Very scientific. ^-^
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I did a science! Love the old look to this.
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"Hyde formula"
For when you wanna feel alive ;P

Nice reference to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

I love the whole comic book cover art style :D
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Luna searching for something stronger than coffee to stay awake.

Wonderful work
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Princess Luna Your superconductor electromagnetism is NOTHING compared to SCIENCE!!!
Twilight Sparkle (wow what the happened here) plz But it IS Science
Nightmare Moon grin Well, I'm SCIENCIER!!!
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Hooray for Science Luna!
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..."Autopsies for fun and profit"? Ahahaha!
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The Quest to create the perfect Unicorn Rainbow Frappuccino.
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Weird Science, pony-style.
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"AUTOPSIES FOR FUN & PROFIT". That really killed me.
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Hyde Formula, how does that compare with Nightmare Moon?
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I think that's for the possum. Probably turns him into a tasmanian devil or something.
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Pretty sure it's just a shortened form of "formaldehyde", not Jackal & Hyde.
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I can dream can't I! lol though that does make more sense :/
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No really, it's great you inspire me to do good art.
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Hahahaha, I love it!
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She blinded me...with Science!
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