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Rarity Micro Series Cover

By andypriceart
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The cover for IDW's MLP Micro Series issue 3. Katie and I did our only contribution (so far, anyway) to the offshoot of the regular book.
This cover was a lot of fun to do, although it was a compromise for me: I wanted to paint this on Black Velvet, but I ran way too short on time. But it works, as velvet was more a 70's thing, not 60's... and I wanted it to feel like one of the old Fillmore posters. The original is even black light reactive :)
Copic markers, PITT pens, india ink and white paint on bristol, 11x17.
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HectorNYHobbyist Digital Artist
This would make either a fun poster or on a T-shirt.
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LightDragon1988Student Artisan Crafter
Nice style) Good work!
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crosloniecHobbyist General Artist
crosloniec's avatar
crosloniecHobbyist General Artist
omg i read that comic! if u did the art, im going to die of happieness!!!!!
Phenometron's avatar
Fashion is her forte, after all. :3
KittenLollipop's avatar
KittenLollipopHobbyist General Artist
hey i own this comic! :D
Druce-White-Owl's avatar
Druce-White-OwlProfessional Writer
This is absolutely my favorite thing in your whole gallery, the details (the fabric stretches, and the head band actually being distorted against her horn!), the colors, the obvious effort put into making sure this really felt like a poster straight out of the 60s, it's just an awesome piece of work.  :+fav:
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andypriceartProfessional Traditional Artist
Thank you:) This one was a LOT of fun to do
WonderboltfanRainbow's avatar
I do have this comic now and yes I like the style!:D Thanks for creating awsome covers! Carry on!
PatrickRsGhost's avatar
This was probably one of my favorite stories in all of the series, along with Nightmare Rarity.  I especially loved some of the puns in the backgrounds of some of the panels, albeit dealing with both the 60s and 70s.  I think one of my favorites would have to be the poster for "Celestia Superstar", a send-up of "Jesus Christ Superstar", which came out in the 1970s.

What would have been even cooler is if you'd been able to have it print in ink that would be reactive to UV light (black light).  Would have really helped set the mood.
SkyeSpark's avatar
This is by far my favorite of all the MLP variant covers, I don't even know why. Rarity just looks really good in a 60s look! 
Aerialift's avatar
AerialiftHobbyist General Artist
One of my favorite MLP covers, it's truly beautiful and fits well with the issue.
shonnythehedgehog's avatar
shonnythehedgehogHobbyist Digital Artist
is that mad in marker?
mindofnoodles's avatar
mindofnoodlesProfessional General Artist
This is the one that I got. It's cool.
Pana-sonic3D's avatar
Pana-sonic3DHobbyist Artist
My favorite MLP cover so far. Keep up the groovy art.
SirJames314's avatar
A fantastic cover for my favorite issue so far! :love: Can't wait to see all the things you and Katie have in store as the series rolls along.
D3i's avatar
Truly one of my favorite covers. :D
Tatsu01's avatar
my sis got me one of these prints at megacon :D

Andy even hand signed it :D best comic artist ever. it will be framed and hung up for all to see
gindor's avatar
Today money was spent just because of your cover. Today you gained a new fan.
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andypriceartProfessional Traditional Artist
Thank you very much!
Stavekoff's avatar
best cover to best comic! Love your work!
PaperMatt202's avatar
Best MLP so far, out of both the micro-series and the main one!
andypriceart's avatar
andypriceartProfessional Traditional Artist
Thank you!
FoxHawke's avatar
Fantastic cover to a fantastic story, loved everything about this issue, and I'm so glad this particular cover wasn't made into a variant thus making it easier to find. :D
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