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Queen Chrysalis Returns, Pencils

By andypriceart
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The original pencils, just so you can compare to the inks. My forever weary mechanical pencil with hb lead on smooth bristol, 11x17
Here are the inks: [link]
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Lizzy-SakuraStudent Digital Artist
That was my favorite image in that whole novel. Truly epic.
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Jonas-LionStudent Artist
Then you are going to love this here [link] YEEHAW
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JunaECBSHobbyist General Artist
I have to admit, I'm more in love with the comic's art style than the show... =3
On a not-really-separate note, can I keep these around my faves for comic planning/paneling/drawing references?
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andypriceartProfessional Traditional Artist
Be my guest! :)
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I been wondering something about the comics, I know there are many artists that'll come and go, but will we be seeing more of your work once the mini-series are over and we jump back into the main story? I *really* love the art in the first two issues. Third issue too, especially the Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash moments. But, whoa did Chrysalis go from super cute adorable to pure on EVIL in the third issue. You guys got me good with that *one* moment with the CMC and Chrysalis... I actually stopped reading the comic just to take in what happened at that point.

I think I may have gotten as shocked as the CMC would be and I'm just looking at an implied moment that was all too... well, unexpected despite the other implies in earlier pages of her evilness.

I'm getting off track, sorry, but how many issues are you signed on for? I have no idea how the comic industry works these days so pardon my ignorance. =P
You and Katie Cook are awesome. Love your works.

Last question is, will we ever get continuations with the main series with things like specials and mini-series, or will main stories be put on hold and we get only one comic regardless per month?
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andypriceartProfessional Traditional Artist
Yes, Katie and I will be back, we're already working on the nest story and further plans! We're going to be here as long as the book is as far as we're both concerned. Right now I'm also working on the Rarity issue of the 6 issue micro-series- Rarity is due in April.

The ongoing book is a monthly series, it's dues for release once a month. Anything outside of that, such as the 6 issue micro-series starting this month, is in addition to the regular book.
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Happiest news I'm heard all day!

Finale was a great musical but left many unanswered questions. LOL at the second coming of JE- I mean Twilight Sparkle, Daughter of Celestia! (lols she technically recreated Twilight, and brought her back to the living...)

Oh, those poor 5 distraught mares that think they killed their true, true friend oh gosh it's night time! They must of been in that library for hours! XD

Best yes, best news ever! I can't wait for Rarity and AJ's arcs <33 TWO BEST PONIES! (out of 6, but maybe, possibly, highest on the list...) Thanks for the awesome reassuring news!

I can't believe how high quality and attention to character detail a lot of the comic have been up to now. I only wish it was easier to get variant covers that didn't break my wallet... You doing a cover as well? If you make a variant I'll do my dangest to score the Rarity issue!

Um, yeah, sorry for the extra question, but~ any idea who has the reigns on the AJ one? I'm pretty excited with this comic series as I know you guys will be able to explore more of AJ than the show would allow/has time for/knows what to do with! <3

P.S. Just wanna know which other month I should be planning my savings.
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andypriceartProfessional Traditional Artist
I'm not positive who has AJ... I want it, as she's my favorite, but I'll likely be too busy on the regular book to tackle it... we shall see.

As for the cover to Rarity- Mine is sitting on the art table right now, ready to be inked!
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Jonas-LionStudent Artist
Be gald you are not in denmark we don't have those comic stords like USA. we don't get marvel comic books dc books or IDW books so i don't a thing in this comic book (:_(. But i can't wait when i can make my own comic books and let EU and my land get that big part of the cake :)
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OomlesHobbyist Digital Artist
gah YES this was my favorite page!! I want to make a shirt inspired by that picture of Crysalis c:
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MillenniumFalsehoodProfessional Traditional Artist
I've been seriously enjoying the are in this comic so far! The expressions are priceless, the composition perfect, and all the neat little tidbits and references are hilarious! I loved the little tied up figure of Optimus Prime in the last issue, and the "Est. 1982" on the building in the Ponyville establishing panel in issue 1. Can't wait to see what you put in issue 3! :D
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andypriceartProfessional Traditional Artist
Thank you very much! Issue 3 is hysterical. I cannot wait to see reactions from that book!
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kittyhawk-contrailHobbyist Traditional Artist
Your expressions are grade A amazing.
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DuplexFieldsHobbyist Writer
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AnimatedJimProfessional General Artist
This was the page that convinced me to buy up the MLP book. That rendering of Chrysalis is fantastic! I wish I could get line work like that on a regular basis, cuz you make it look easy.

Also, the fact that you did this in HB makes me officially jealous. Some of the darks that you got there I can only get with 2Bs.
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Cartoon-EricHobbyist General Artist
Wow. Chrysalis looks even freakier in pencil. Then even creepier in inks. And then down right scary in color. But why do I feel compelled to say she's awesome and hug her?
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andypriceartProfessional Traditional Artist
She is epic... but I imagine she's not a hugger.
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SyfraxHobbyist Writer
:iconspazattackplz: *10 sec later* :iconamitheonlyoneplz: Time to start shooting.
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andypriceartProfessional Traditional Artist
that is hysterical
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Bunnygirle26Hobbyist Artist
omg This looks fanTASTIC!!! I love your setup and the center picture just pops so much!
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Sweet! Spike's in this adventure with'em! Can't wait til May 21.
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Once again, beautiful work on this page. Especially on how you've drawn Chrissy :3
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