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Pinkie Pie Fly By, My Little Pony

By andypriceart
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Copic Markers, PITT Pens, brush and ink on Recyceld drawing paper... better than flying a doghouse!
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XD Nice job here. ^^
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this picture all my yes!
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lol Applejack is cussing
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I love applejack in this picture.
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Why Applejack!  Such language!
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I wonder what profanities she must be saying. :-)
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Yeah, me, too.  I bet that they're really, ehm, "colorful".
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"colorful", indeed. :-D
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I imagine her cursing like general Patton. Dunno why. He had a very classical and extensive education (reading and speaking latin, and maybe even ancient greek, not to mention speaking other languages like French, spainish, etc., if I'm not mistaken), while AJ just got the basics. Oh well. It fits her well to curse like an mad-angry US top-notch general of WW2. :-)
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Yeah, me, too.

And yep, it does.
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I'd love to see this happen in the show itself!
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love it, its super creative
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I like that Applejack is actually cursing here. That's like the icing on the cake with this picture.
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Without that, it wouldn't be as funny. And plus the picture is really well done.
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It's Cool!.

Applejack: "¡Duo de pen....s, casi me parten la m...e con su pin... vuelo!... ¡me tumbaron el pu.. sombrero!" XD.
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Applejack,You Potty-mouth.
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This.....This is amazing, is there any way to get a print of this??? something like this deserves to be hung on a wall lol
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Lol! AJ swears! :lol:
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