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My Little Pony issue 1 Cover A and B

By andypriceart
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Well, now that the image is all around the interwebs, here's the uncut/unedited art for the cover to Issue 1 of MLP:FIM. These are the first 2 (cover A and Cover B) of what will be 6 diferent covers for issue 1. As you can see here, they will all come together to form one interlocking scene!
As the other covers are released, I will debut the uncut art here first!
Copic Markers, Pitt pens, india ink & brush on Recycled Strathmore 80lb paper. 18x24.
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© 2012 - 2020 andypriceart
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TheMasterDrawer6 Filmographer
That looks gorgeous
DrgnBrth63's avatar
I think Applejack is missing an arm.
TheMasterDrawer6's avatar
TheMasterDrawer6 Filmographer
No that arm is just holding the hat
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GalaxyGal-11Student General Artist
that Celestia actually hurts my eyes.
PicassoEnigma's avatar
PicassoEnigmaHobbyist Artist
At first glance, I thought Celestia was a Nuke set off in Ponyville
Phenometron's avatar
Very cutesy.
OhPonyBoy's avatar
OhPonyBoyProfessional Filmographer
Beautiful !
finnfni's avatar
the hoof beats: the beatles in equestria are canon (take a closer look)
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artsehsisStudent Traditional Artist
I love how you use copic markers in your pieces! Absolutely stunning! ^^
Skawaii's avatar
SkawaiiHobbyist Digital Artist
Do you plan on posting the 3 covers all together? or is it too large?
HorseCookies's avatar
HorseCookiesHobbyist Traditional Artist
OHMYGOODNESS. :iconcryforeverplz:

Such beautiful composition and vivid colors! Some of the best traditionally made pony art I've seen!
Kapow2003's avatar
Really nice, stuff, Andy. What Copics do you use for Twilight Sparkle?
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andypriceartProfessional Traditional Artist
Prime body color is v01, hair is usually Prismacolor Brittany Blue or copic b94, stripes are v04 and rv06- these are same colors for eyes and cutie mark (rv06 is also Pinkie's hair- the girls share a lot of the same colors)
Kapow2003's avatar
Thanks, Andy. My Twilight Sparkle color scheme has been all over the place. Couldn't ever get it right. Much appreciated and really nice work, sir!
andypriceart's avatar
andypriceartProfessional Traditional Artist
Very welcome

As soon as I get a few minutes, I'll be posting a color chart that I use for the cast, as I've had a LOT of requests
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Here began the legend.
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TheLugia702Hobbyist Traditional Artist
When I first got it, ONLY the subscription variant was left in the store, so I didn't get one of these :(
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DestinyDecadeHobbyist General Artist
Dang. Well done. I really like that you use Recycled paper. Best thing about it, helps the environment.
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NinemeawStudent Digital Artist
Good work :D
VintageNinjaFish's avatar
VintageNinjaFishStudent General Artist
shit im going to have to biy 19 copies arent I?
ak399's avatar
ak399Student Filmographer
Stop making so many covers! How am I supposed to buy 19 copies of the same comic just to collect the alternate covers?
andypriceart's avatar
andypriceartProfessional Traditional Artist
I didn't make 19 covers, for that you'll need to tell the publishers. I made 6 as stated here
ak399's avatar
ak399Student Filmographer
It was part imperative plural and part poking fun at the excess of covers. Sorry if I came off as accusatory.
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