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My Little Pony character studies

By andypriceart
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Character studies and notes for my own reference. PITT Pens on recycled drawing paper.
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RaissaSpinaHobbyist General Artist
Yes she is, SHE IS BEST PONY
(btw I love your art!)
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ZanarNaryonHobbyist General Artist
I agree, Luna is best pony, at least in yours and Katie's comics
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AlphaditesHobbyist Traditional Artist
I love Luna's expressions that you draw. Got the Luna Micro and in every panel her expressions are hilarious. Probably my favorite Micro out of the series so far. Well until i find a Sweetie Belle one that is.
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Emmabean01Student Photographer
This is SO true. Well done.
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gallows70Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hey this not relevant to this art piece but do you ever use nibs in your art work? and if so any advice you could give, oh plus i really admire your art keep it up :)
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andypriceartProfessional Traditional Artist
sometimes, yes i do! It's all dependent on what I need to achieve. Although they're easier to learn than a brush, Nibs are something I've never completely warmed up to... they can fight you depending on the type of board you are using... smoother board is better. The more texture a board has, the more likely the nib can pick up fibers and smear, or catch on the board itself. When you first get a nib out of the package, wave it gently a time or two over a candle or lighter... it helps it to hold ink better.
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gallows70Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thanks for the tip about the open flame. i can notice a difference  :) 
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RaylaOpalStudent Interface Designer
Yes. Just yes.
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I really love Andy's treatment of Luna. Always so expressive and dynamic. And funny! Easily the best character in the comic series.
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NeonMixerHobbyist General Artist
this is...pure...awesomeness
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mamaFoxiHobbyist General Artist
Foxtrack's avatar
best pony is right!
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Yeah i bet Luna is Celestia's best pony.
darkestvoices's avatar
This is just great. The added notes make it even better.
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CloudyskieswritesHobbyist Writer
There are not enough words for how happy I am this exists. I loved your style ever since I read the comics (the best ones so far, too) and to have a reference sheet like this is just golden.
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andypriceartProfessional Traditional Artist
Thank you very much!
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themightycoolblenderHobbyist General Artist
I Like you you have the characters speak your notes about themselves.
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NeonRedWingsProfessional Traditional Artist
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Best pony had a cool cameo in today's episode, btw.
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AnnieRoshinoHobbyist Digital Artist
I don't want to complain or anything but celestia is way taller then that... but for everything else its perfect!!
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Even if you made this for personal reference, I think this is a prettu useful chart for others as well, so thanks for sharing. :)
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Luna is the best! -w-
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I can see from this...that the comic is gonna kick ass!!!...or flank...whts....XD...can't wait for november!
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