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My Little Pony OFFICIAL Season Ten!

By andypriceart
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Tonight marks the end of 9 years of the animated favorite, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The television series comes to it's series finale, but that is NOT the end of the tales involving the Mane 6 and Company!

Announced at New York Comic Con by IDW Publishing, Hasbro and IDW continue the adventures of the cast with the OFFICIAL season ten! Follow the stories in IDW Publishing's main MLP Comic series, available at your local comic shop and online for download. Onward to issue 100! 
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Stop this. Stop season 10. It has to be revised just like season 9.

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andypriceartProfessional Traditional Artist

Not going to happen. Either one. If you honestly believe that a studio that was FULL of animators and writers is going to come back together, leaving other jobs or moving back to an area they moved from, to completely remake something they put years of their lives into (not to mention a complete re-budgeting to spend the money again on salaries, production, materials, etc and a total restructuring to reestablish department heads, legal teams, and the like) because *you* don't like it? That's never ever going to happen, with any television series. Nor is it going to happen with the comics. In no way are we going to hit a rewind button to undo any of the work that has been done, and accepted by so many.

It's this simple: You're welcome to voice an opinion, good or bad. However, if you do not agree with it, remove yourself from it... this isn't politics, it's entertainment. Not everyone is going to agree with everything, but particularly here- a CARTOON about FICTIONAL pastel colored talking magic horsies? It's not going to be reversed and remade to suit you.

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It can, should and will happen if I and any other fans who agree with me can help it. What happened and continues to happen with MLP is an insult to the intelligence of fans like myself and to the quality and consistency of the franchise itself and its characters. Many fans agree with me on this, and those who don't are tasteless fools. It has to be fixed. The studio will bring back the cast and crew from before, albeit with writers from earlier season and a focus group of fans to ensure their work is acceptable. You and the IDW team will have more creative autonomy, though with all references to the original season 9 edited out and the new chapters 89 and up no longer marketed as season 10. Since you clearly only care about money and not the substance or direction of MLP, you shouldn't have a problem doing what we tell Hasbro and IDW to tell you what to do as long as you're paid more for your hard work. MLP may just be a "cartoon about fictional pastel colored talking magical horsies" to you, but it means a hell of a lot more to many of us than that, and we will not let it be trashed in the end like this, willingly or otherwise!

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andypriceartProfessional Traditional Artist

Well, I tell you what: When you are able to put up the money to have Hasbro, DHX, and IDW Publishing all able to take the losses, rehire, remake, etc, then we'll talk.

After all, apparently you have decreed that's all we care about... just as you have said that any individual or group that does not agree with you is... what was the quote? ah yes... a "Tasteless fool". Any one that disagrees with you in any part apparently has no value.

So, seeing as how you singularly know how to do all of this better, from running a toy company to an animation studio to a publishing house, I'll wait for you to do just that. Until that time, I'll thank you to keep your insults to yourself.

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Very well. Please tell me who I can talk to at IDW and how to reach them.

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andypriceartProfessional Traditional Artist

This is your quest, not mine. Do your own work.

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Captain-GrumpyHobbyist General Artist

we don't claim him, Andy - he's been at this for ages on multiple sites under multiple names, I'm so sorry his unprofessional delusions reached you

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andypriceartProfessional Traditional Artist

I'm more than a little familiar with him, primarily on Twitter. he's welcome to his windmill.

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Marco-the-ScorpionHobbyist Artist


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I just wanted to let you know everytime I come across an mlp fim comic issue with your name on it with your awesome art style my face has a huge grin on it. Absolutely love your take on it, makes the issue much more interesting! :D

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Doctorwholovesthe80sHobbyist Writer
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I'm probably guessing these stories will be set after Twilight's coronation?

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TheMasterDrawer6 Filmographer
When will this be in stores?
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Looking forward to this. :)
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KaderpowHobbyist General Artist
Oh man! I hope they touch on Pinkie and Cheese and how the heck that happened
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MatthewJabezNazarioAStudent Artist
The flame of My Little Pony will never extinguish!
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I personaly thought season 10 was a better place to leave off the series than 9.  I guess because it just seems more rounded off, numbers-wise.
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Mane 6 are Straights.
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If Starlight doesn't kiss Spike in the comic, then i'm not interested in reading it.
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Spike loves Rarity.
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Oye. I wish to see Sombra and Hope.
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kittyhawk-contrailHobbyist Traditional Artist
Any plans for EG s3? Sunset Shimmer is best pony and deserves far more “screen” time. 
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