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My Little Pony 61 cover

A showcase of some of the species, new and old, show up in issue 61 so I wanted to highlight that for the cover. It's a summit meeting type of story, but I gave it a more convention hall type of feel. 

My cat Gomez is the model for the king of Abyssinia! 

Inked with india ink and brush, Faber Castell PITT pens on vellum Bristol stock, colored digitally in photoshop 
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My favourites are the cat (Gomez) and the little fairy pony reading the program! But the cat is my most favourite owo
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On first glance I thought this was  the characters here going to a convention and meeting some of the fans. I love this cover and the comic it graced.

EDIT: I also see I already commented on this one. I have got to remember these things.
fyre-byrd's avatar
No offense, but is this the Great Exhibition or an airport? (Or either?)
amyest2000's avatar
I admire your art! I wish I was that good
evangelian007's avatar
An Equestrian it Ponycon? No wait that's taken....Equinecon? Creaturecon?
Eh....doesn't matter. Still a great cover for a great issue.
WillDaBeard's avatar
BREEZIE!!! I wish there were more of them in the series. Also great cover 👍
templar127's avatar
Awesome cover! Leader's convention! XD
ZanarNaryon's avatar
Yay, Ember.
Why didn't the seapony queen what'sherface just turn herself into a hippogriff for easy travel over land?
JNinelives's avatar
Yep, it does kind of feel like they're there to see the sights, enjoy the food and maybe meet feelow fans \^\^.

Great work as always! :D
Maruraba's avatar
"It's a summit meeting type of story, but I gave it a more convention hall type of feel."
It'll be like the United Nations, but with more cosplay!

...which, in all honesty, would make the U.N. a lot more interesting anyway. ;) (Wink) 
Godaiger's avatar
That pretty cool seeing all those leader there and..... Wait, where's Thorax?
AudreyAzura's avatar
I love seeing the different size and body shape for the different race. That's really fun to see and gives me a lot of idea for different interactions between them ^^.
Melindaington's avatar
It was super cool seeing the inks for his at HasCON! :D
Empty-bee's avatar
Nice to see the buffalo again.
Chythar's avatar
I love your design for the King of Abyssinia!  I have two black cats and a tortie, and I could easily see them in that world.
Tiger-Hawk's avatar
Wow It's amazing
K4nK4n's avatar
The Breezie reading from the program book is my favourite!
Abaddon616's avatar
The celestia cosplayer, can i have a pic with you?
EverlastingJoy's avatar
This is just so cool to see the leaders from the various species we've seen around the show and comics all together.

"My cat Gomez is the model for the king of Abyssinia! "
All I can picture is you sitting in front of your kitty who's laying down wondering why you're looking at him and what you're doing (the drawing).
TCPolecat7's avatar
Ember looks pumped to be there, LOL.

- Polecat
seahawk270's avatar
I notice the king of Abyssinia is the only one who brought a suitable swag bag.  Savvy convention-goer he must be...  ;)
ardashir's avatar
I was wondering if this was the characters at a convention, but then I realized they didn't look shocked enough.

It will be good to see Queen Novo in the comic.
SailorSnowflack's avatar
All the other guys that wern't in the movie, yay!
I really appreciate that you post comic covers here. :D
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