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MLP issue 9 Big Mac and Applebloom

This is the final production art for issue 9 of the comic! I rarely ever ever ever do anything digital short of design work or text, but this time I decided to color the cover in Photoshop on my Wacom tablet. The linework is still done traditionally, ink and brush.
Big Macintosh features heavily in this story, and the voice actor had just been joking with me that he hadn't seen Big Mac on a cover yet... so there ya go! I love Applebloom and she helped the gag. Derpy, Screwball, and Pinkie, and blind bag figure Sweet Cream Scoops!
The Run For The Roses sign on the cider house is from issue 1, page 3... I'm a lifelong fan of Dan Fogelberg, so I wanted to tip my hat to him... and the song is about horses, so there ya go.

India ink and brush with Faber Castell PITT pens on Bristol, 11x17
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He speaks what's on everyone's minds.
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Lol...this is utterly hilarious.
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"we're all mad here!" :psychotic:
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Awww, Derpy... (^v^)
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The three craziest ponies in town
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His look is so CUTE and funny in a way! :love: it!
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Was a really good issue. Nice work on the cover!
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i agree with Big Mac
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"This town gets a little STRANGER every day..."

Only you think that? Wait 'till the Automobile comes to Equestria!
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I figured Sweetcream's here for Big Mac. XD While Screwball, Derpy, and Pinkie are all just acting like themselves. :D
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i really loved this issue
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I'm with big mac on this one
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SCREW BALLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:happybounce: :rainbowdash: Taty Gif happy Code name: Muffin? Code name: Muffin? 
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Ok, who came up with the "PLASMIDS AND VIGORS" sight gag in this one? 'cause I was giggling like a total dork when I saw it :laughing:
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Is Mac referring to the crazy characters around him, or is he looking at something specific?
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