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MLP issue 11... The Other Stallion!

Since the preview has hit for issue 11, here's a look at the original inks for the first appearance of a new character in MLP- from a flashback to when Shining Armor and Cadance were in high school, meet Buck Withers, big stallion on campus! Personally, I think he fits in well with characters such as Trixie and Gilda. Imagine James Spader in "pretty in Pink"... with four legs.
mechanical pens, Brush and ink on Bristol board, 11x17
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I love this comic it's the funniest, romantic, and loving at the same time I'm so happy it was about Cadance and Shining!
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I think this must have been the funniest  MLP comic I've read yet!! I'm still finding little things/ characters you've put in the background here and there... (I've read it at least five times):happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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do you do the entire book or just the covers?
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both, depending on issue. I've been doing the books since they launched in 2012.
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Wow thats amazing
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James Spader??? Wasn't he the same guy who played Dr. Daniel Jackson in the original Stargate movie!?
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this was an awesome comic, great artwork.
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Absolutely loved the design for Gaffer! And his special talent is tabletop RP games? Hell, yeah! Hope we see him again sometime.
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i rally like the comic series, they are even better than the 4th season mlp fim episodes.

When i read them, i feel like i was getting back all the awesome good stories hasbro took from me and from all the fans
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Comments like these make me wish I could Like a comment on dA. :thumbsup:
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Looks like he can be this guys brother!… Or at least in his gang...
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I also LOVED the Quantum Leap reference at the end of the arc :D
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Hi's cutie mark is an android lol XD
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I expected Buck to be the same colors as Braeburn from the series rather than light purple on the coat and Blonde on the mane & Tail. I just read the 11th issue and it's... okay.
What is the name of the stallion with the 8 sided die as a cutie mark? I couldn't find his name anywhere in the comic, unless i didnt look hard enough that is
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His name is Gaffer!
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And now that the issue is out, allow me to congratulate you on yet another job well done! I loved all the details on the "Yearbook" cover, especially the shout-out to Quarterflash. Wow, I hadn't thought about them in years...
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Awesome, Shining Armor in high school
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oh my god, James Spader as a pony. You are seriously the best!
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Love the cameo by the nerd pony from "Putting Your Hoof Down"!
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This going to be a great comic alright, I can just tell.
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*This is going to be a great comic, I can just tell already.



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This is gonna be so awesome, I can already tell.  Here's hoping for some John Hughes references.
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