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MLP Movie Prequel 4 Cover

The cover for issue 4 of the My Little Pony Movie Prequel comic from IDW Publishing! done in tribute to the iconic art of  Bob Peak's fantastic painting for the Star Trek:The Motion Picture poster. 

This was done with acrylics/airbrush, and colored pencil. i think my favorite part of this is Celestia and Luna! 

Prints available through Big Cartel (UPDATED: Prints are sold out, this is no longer available)
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The pony adventure is just beginning...

I didn't know you had a page here until now.

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Are you literally copying Star Trek the motion picture But it’s my little pony and I love it but it’s my little pony and I love it I would actually love to get a poster of this

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I wish this was a legit cover
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it is- it's the cover for Issue 4 of the Movie prequel mini series. 
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More Star Trek! WITH PONIES! Are you a trekkie methinks?
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They're boldly going where no pony has gone before.
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Space: the final frontier. These are the continuing voyages of the starship "Enterprise". Her ongoing mission: to explore strange, new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilization, to boldly go where nopony has gone before.

Yeah, changing it to fit MLP isn't doing much. But if the Trekkies are still around, this may mean good things for the Bronies, even if the rumors about Season 9 are true...
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I'm not really a MLP fan, but I LOVE this! Has a real 80s vibe to it. Great work! 
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It's actually a reference to the movie posted for the first ever Star Trek movie.
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Space: The Final Frontier. These are the voyagers of the starship Enterprise 
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Great "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" Reference.  (Obvious Trekkie here.  ;) )
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It's really beautiful 
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That is so perfect, there are not words. :D
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The Quest for Spike
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DevArt-Sticker You-Are-Awesome FINAL-IMG-02 by FilmmakerJ  I would not so easily expect a crossover like this. Star Trek the Motion Picture is my favorite Star Trek film.
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Twilight Sparkle Ooooooo Emoticon. "Long-range scans indicate something of immense size and infinite power that feeds off of itself"!
Emoticon - Spike Reaction "Is it V'ger"?
Emoticon - Twilight Sparkle Hmmm "No,'s Trixie's ego"!
:icontrixiecrunchysiplz "..."!
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Ha ha ha ha ha... This is hilarious
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Coming from a fellow long-time Trekkie, I will say that is one absolutely incredible cover. I so want to buy the original. And I bet I'm not nearly alone in that desire. Love 
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who do you think the mane seven would play in a star trekesqe my little pony?
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