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MLP:FIM Page 3 issue 1



Since it has been put on public display at the MLP Project going on right now in New York, I'm also going to leak this page. This is page 3 from Issue 1 of MLP: FIM. Original art done with pencil/india ink on 11x17 Bristol board. Colors by Heather Breckel, script by Katie Cook!

Some goodies to look for: A Parasprite, Snowflake, Owlowicious, Mayor Mare, Cranky Doodle Donkey, a shout-out to original MLP Firefly from the ponies "established 1982", the Blues Brothers, Iron Will drumming up business, Angel, Philomena, Carrot Top, Silver Spoon, a Dan Fogelberg shout-out, Thomas Magnum (Magnum PI), Dr Whooves, Earl Hickey (My Name is Earl), Ace the Tennis Player, Tank, a certain klutzy muffin-loving pegasus, Screwball, myself, my wife, Katie Cook, and six little cats named Sam, Spooky, Tabitha, Boris, Bela, and Mina

I think that covers it all (whew!)
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Oh, what did you do, Bulk Biceps? Okay, so the pony is mad at the rat for eating cherries and the cat wants to eat the rat? So many cameos! I love how you incorporate them all seamlessly into one scene and manage the show how the Changelings are impersonating them as well.