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MLP:FIM Page 3 issue 1

Since it has been put on public display at the MLP Project going on right now in New York, I'm also going to leak this page. This is page 3 from Issue 1 of MLP: FIM. Original art done with pencil/india ink on 11x17 Bristol board. Colors by Heather Breckel, script by Katie Cook!

Some goodies to look for: A Parasprite, Snowflake, Owlowicious, Mayor Mare, Cranky Doodle Donkey, a shout-out to original MLP Firefly from the ponies "established 1982", the Blues Brothers, Iron Will drumming up business, Angel, Philomena, Carrot Top, Silver Spoon, a Dan Fogelberg shout-out, Thomas Magnum (Magnum PI), Dr Whooves, Earl Hickey (My Name is Earl), Ace the Tennis Player, Tank, a certain klutzy muffin-loving pegasus, Screwball, myself, my wife, Katie Cook, and six little cats named Sam, Spooky, Tabitha, Boris, Bela, and Mina

I think that covers it all (whew!)
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Oh, what did you do, Bulk Biceps? Okay, so the pony is mad at the rat for eating cherries and the cat wants to eat the rat? So many cameos! I love how you incorporate them all seamlessly into one scene and manage the show how the Changelings are impersonating them as well. 
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there is a changling in the pic
Have you ever done any drawings of Screwball by herself?
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I have the comic of this! Nice job :)
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I never realised that was Katie Cook pony at the many references!
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I have this one Big happycry 
StormBlaze-Pegasus's avatar
this one page is the whole reason I got addicted to the comics. as soon as I saw the Blues Brothers Ponies, I was hooked XD
now I'm always searching for more background refs =D love your work mate!!
AngelMeow123's avatar
Screwball da bossssssss XD (and cat scarer)
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hey there were 2 men in black OPPS i mean ponys in black
andypriceart's avatar
That's the Blues Brothers
Dmagine's avatar
...The blue brothers.i like that name
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If you don't know who the Blues Brothers are, you may wish to look them up. John Belushi and Dan Akroyd from SNL had a singing group and a very big movie.
mindfreak71819's avatar
it becomes sad when people don't know who the Blues Brothers are
Dmagine's avatar
i might look them up sounds like the blues brothers might be a good singing group maybe my dad knows them since he is lisening to all vkinds of music like fly like and eagle imagine by john lennon.
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Meanwhile on Earth
Dragunique's avatar
This page really reminds me of Phil Foglio's style. Cluttered with little details and jokes. Especially Myth Adventures.
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Blues brothers ponies... this is epicly awesome
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you could do a "where's waldo" MLP style book, but with "Where's Derpy" in place of waldo. I don't doubt the possibilities of it selling well.
Cosmic-Avian's avatar
A normal day in a nutshell... Also, Fire Pie anyone? (Ahhhh that pun is so bad it hurts)
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Controlled ponies

PonyLover5's avatar
Ohh Firefly is in it Lol and she has Pinkies Hair
Pony-Berserker's avatar
I like how that pony abused by Snowflake uses symbol swearing :D
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