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MLP Day at the Beach


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It's FAR from being finished, but I wanted everyone to get a sneak peek at the new deluxe print that will be available at Bronycon later this summer! Once the final piece is ready, I'll post it.

This will also likely end up as a comic cover in the near future as well!

As most of my followers/fans know, I don't often do digital color, but how I approach inking on artwork dictates how color will be done. Traditional comic book inking is India ink with brush or pen, and effect/corrections with white paint. Markers or paint can reactivate the ink and smear it, or have adverse reaction to the white paint, so digital is the simplest approach in this case. Check out some of my copic marker pieces for how I approach inking there.

Pencil, India ink and brush, white paint on 11x17 Bristol Board
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Is all the inking done by brush ... ??, well, I have not done it like that for a long time, lately what I use is a Drawing Pen for that: the brush has the merit of the flexibility of the stroke:shakefist: ... but I am a lover of drawing with a pen :heart::headbang::woohoo:.

AND WHAT DID SPIKE DO TO RARITY ^^; !?, that little one should know how dangerous a Raging Unicorn is.

I may or may not have seen this cover. It depends on which comics shop I was in.

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I keep looking at the expression on Rarity and find myself thinking "What did you do this time spike?? What ... did ... you ... do???!!"

I then scrolled down and found it was a water balloon he had.

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Love the expressions! (Hadn't noticed the swimsuits till I read the comments and looked again)

: )
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Does Celestia's copy of "The Rooster Crowed At Midnight" have the last page, unlike Captain Hunnicutt's copy? And will she realize that Hayvery Updike couldn't possibly have been the killer?

More seriously, Bravissimo!
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 "...a raging stallion. To call him merely virile would be to damn with faint praise!"
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Rarity looks pissed xD
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Just beautiful art. 
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We so need a Beach Pony episode in MLP: FIM! :D
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Naked 99% of the time (without counting Rarity)... everyone wears a swimsuit at the beach...
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Epic disaster in 3... 2... 1...
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Spike would never do that to Rarity!!!
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Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh! They actually gonna use this fantastic piece of art! :excited: 
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I love Rarity! She looks ready to bury Spike in the sand at this point
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Actually she's gonna turn HIM into luggage.
TheOneWhoInks's avatar
Or a new belt or a pair of fancy shoes. 
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I hear dragon skin is in this season.
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Bury, bury?! More like launch him into the frigging sun!
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You know it's true. She would throw him so far that Luna would have to catch him with the Moon.
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XD yep. 

"I'm sorry for causing a eclipse and a massive tidal wave, sister and friends!" moves the moon to catch the lil dragon
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