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MLP 75 wraparound cover

By andypriceart
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Wow, we're celebrating 75 issues of MLP! I did a wraparound cover for the book to celebrate! I will make this available as a print through my Bigcartel store soon! 

Everything was drawn by hand on 11x17 bristol, and inked with Faber Castell PITT pens and a 8408 Raphael Kolinsky sable brush. Figures were colored with Copic markers, colored pencil, and acrylic paint. The background was colored in digitally. 
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Having read it...I really hope this volume doesn't do to Cadance what it did to Celestia, Luna and Twilight. Cadance is married that'd just be...that'd wrong...and be really harsh on Shining Armor. 
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OldTeaOwlHobbyist Digital Artist
Love your artstyle :3
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YamiNo-NekoHobbyist Traditional Artist
It's also 20 years of IDW, too.
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GabyCoutinoHobbyist General Artist
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75 issues. That's quite the milestone. If we're lucky, we might see a 100th issue one day.
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TheValeforStudent Traditional Artist
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jamestkelleyHobbyist Traditional Artist
I seriously need to step up my game.
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Ah, man, I love the style and everything about it is just bursting with joy.  What a great thing to find this morning!
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SpydolHobbyist General Artist
Very cool!
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Pony-BerserkerHobbyist Digital Artist
Looks amazing!
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Hard to believe it's been that long...  it still feels like just yesterday that I was setting up at my first MLP Convention (the first New York PonyCon) when there were only 5 issues of the main series and the first two microseries issues.  I can still remember being asked "Wait... there are comic books?" and it was probably the first and last time I ever had to explain to someone who Andy Price was...  ;)

I also remember you telling me the story about Sibsy's cover for the Rainbow Dash microseries, which to this day I cannot unsee...  

Anyway, amazing looking cover, as always!
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wow, that's killer. 
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FiMStargazerHobbyist Digital Artist
This is really great! I like it!
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CatsofdeathHobbyist General Artist
it's beautiful

I'm excited to read this story
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paulabstruseProfessional Artist
looks fun my friend
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Cant wait til we hit 100!
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ShinMegamiTenseiShyStudent Artist
Fluttershy looks amazing! 💙💚💛💜💕💖💗💓💞😍😙😚😘
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DestinyDecadeHobbyist General Artist
75 issues... that is so cool. I need to catch up on collecting the rest of the comics.
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Love it.  I got your last issue, and it is great.
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But where is GlimGlam? Also are we at #75 already? That's, like... quarter to 100!
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Spike doesn't have his wings, either.
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PC-the-UnicornHobbyist Digital Artist
Man, I can't believe the MLP comics will be reaching its 75th milestone. I hope it manages to get 100 issues!
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