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Luna's Curse - MLP issue 8 cover

This may be my favorite cover so far... this was the retail incentive cover for issue 8. It's no secret that Luna is my favorite of all the characters, so a completely Luna dedicated cover was a great joy to do. I think if I could do a book of just Luna, Applejack, and Chrysalis... I would plotz into a fine red mist of pure joy.
11x17, Copic Markers, Dr Martin's Watercolor Dyes, India inks on Bristol
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I think you misspelled jealousy as "jeauousy" on nightmare moon's horn
KawaiiChicken05's avatar
Forever alone right on the cheek
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That is a beautiful piece!  Very emotional & evocative!  (Makes me just wanna go up & give her a nice big hug...if one could, of course, just walk up to a princess & give her a hug!)  Excellent work, as always!
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Now that's a great cover :D
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My "dear mother" says this is boring and commonplace. This is the single most best use of color, lighting (do you the border on Nightmare Moon's helmet, shoes and necklace), shadowing, and depth I have ever seen. I say it's my favorite cover (so far since I know you'll top this since you're Mr. Price) as well.
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I saw this art on 2nd comic book a I thought it was good
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I got a print of this at a Planet Comiccon and still love it so much!
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This is awesome. Luna's my favorite, as well.
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The past truly does have a way of catching up with us, especially the ponies of Equestria.
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Wow, this is amazing! Luna is my favorite character too, but my love for her was developed in reading the comic books. I love your art so much, and you make Princess Luna 101 times better  Hug 
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Luna is also my favorite character =) if it wasn't from her, i wouldn't be here today =)
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so beautiful *o*
Wonder if we will see the events that turned luna into nightmare moon 
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I like how her hair is actually hair 
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AH! My favorite Luna Cover <3 You're amazing! I'll follow you til the ends of the earth! *U* <3
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Idk, but for some reason this reminds me of magneto...
Luna! Luna! :happybounce: 
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Not already in my favs' ? Strange...
Beautiful. Love Luna's face.
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 I like how you said you would do a comic book with Luna, Applejack, and Chrysalis

Then on the issue #12 one million variant, Shining is reading a comic book with 
Luna, Applejack, and Chrysalis on the cover.
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From the first time I saw this on my friends wall, I had a question arise,  why is Nightmare Moon back-lit green?
I'm really interested in buying this print to put on my wall! Are you or IDW selling prints of this?
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i love this do they have a poster of this?
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