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Live and Let Brony

THIS IS AVAILABLE AS A SIGNED AND NUMBERED LIMITED EDITION PRINT! please go to for details on this, other limited and open edition prints, and original artwork.

This is the cover art for MLP Movie Prequel issue 2, based on the James Bond poster art for Live and Let Die by the legendary Robert McGinnis. The text doesn't appear on the cover (that's where the MLP logo will go), only on the limited edition print I offer for sale. Done in India ink and copic markers
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I love this! It's so cool and the coloring looks so clean! 
Trying to think of the lyrics to "Live and Let Brony."
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If I were to give Twilight a sidearm for this Bond spoof, I'd give her a Tokarev TT-33.
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I have only two words...Hot Tamales
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Amazing work with the media! Did you use opaque white to do the highlights? Also how did you do the flare? Was that added digitally after or is there a technique to it?
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The lighting flare on the center cannon was augmented in photoshop- it's painted on with white acrylic (as are other white highlights), but I gave it a bit more 'oomph" digitally! 
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Ah ok cool! I know Copic makes an opaque white but I like the values you got with the acrylic
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This is a pretty cool print.
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If spike will be James rarity will be.......the girl
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Of course Pinkie Pie would launch herself out of a cannon.  Because why not?
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As a fan of both MLP and James Bond I love this a lot.
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Mind if anypony makes a base out of this?
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i'm not positive what you are asking?
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It should have been Pinkie or Maud instead of Twilight at top center...that way you could say "Live And Let Pie"!
GIF My little pony - Ba Dum Tss >> Bah Dum Tsss <<

I know that's a dumbass joke but I couldn't help myself!
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Amazing OO7 Parody
Lurks-no-More's avatar
Oh man, this is awesome!
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That sounds like it could be a documentary title.
As the owner of the original, I have to say this is one of my favorite pieces I own.
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Eat your heart out, Paul McCartney (and possibly Guns N' Roses). :D
EverlastingJoy's avatar
This is an amazing parody piece, even down to the font! Nice job!
zenitraMsj's avatar
Ok, so here are a few ideas on casting. 
Sombra as Dr. Kananga and Mr. Big.
Zacora as Solitaire: Kananga's psychic
Iron Will as Sheriff J.W. Pepper.
Spike as Quarrel Jr
Octavia as Miss Moneypenny:
Vinyl Scratch as Q
PS: Fav film of mine. "The name is Sparkle, Twilight Sparkle"
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This looks hilariously awesome!
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