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Derpy the wonder pony

By andypriceart
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Today is Pony Day, Nov 28 2012. Here's Derpy to celebrate the release of our brand new My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic book that hits the streets TODAY!

India ink and brush with PITT Pens on Bristol
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Is there a colorized version of this?
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CMC--ScootalooHobbyist General Artist
There is. He sometimes sells it at conventions, I just bought one at Vienna Comic Con yesterday. Just ask him if he will have it with him if he comes to a con nearby you.
The colored print is so much worth it!
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LoviePonie14Student General Artist
that's a print'ed pic.
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andypriceartProfessional Traditional Artist
beg pardon?
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PencilPoniesHobbyist General Artist
Out of all the MLP artists I've encountered, your style is my absolute favorite :D
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Are people allowed to use this for a coloring page?
Would you be okay with me sharing it on the "Derpy Day (March 1st)" facebook page? (as a coloring page, with a link back here)
And what about your other lineart? Are fans allowed to color those? I didn't see any general policy or opinions about this on your page (I try to look before I bother someone with questions).
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MarissaSunshineHobbyist Filmographer
Derpy. :heart:
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ScavgraphicsProfessional Digital Artist
Hey Andy, I bought one of these prints at Denver Comic Con (I was the one who invited you to the pony forums :) . I was curious...the printed signature has 2" next to it. And when you signed it, you're signature has a 3" . I was wondering what that meant.
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andypriceartProfessional Traditional Artist
It's a 12 and a 13. The dates.
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ScavgraphicsProfessional Digital Artist
Well...isn't that just obvious now that you've said it :D
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AkumaRedClownStudent Traditional Artist
thats the cutest Derpy I ever see in my entire life, I love it
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Derpy is best pony :)
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Best pony
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Derpy a Wonder Pony... Here here!
Pink--Champagne's avatar
Best and only thing I bought at Yama-Con.
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andypriceartProfessional Traditional Artist
Thank you!
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zmorphcomHobbyist Traditional Artist
I love Derpy Hooves. XD She's so cute!
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GivenHeartHobbyist Traditional Artist

There needs to be more of THIS!
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NeonRedWingsProfessional Traditional Artist
Soo cute! I love Derpy!
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Congratulations for the succes of the comic!
I love it, and I REALLY liked Derpy's own page.

Kudos to you and miss Katie Cook, and my best hopes for a long continuity to the comic and show!!
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Once again, I'd just like to say the comic's art is absolutely GRRRREAT!!! :icontonytigerplz:
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Scarletts-FeverHobbyist Digital Artist
Can't wait til my comic comes, I preordered it months ago X3 From what I've heard its very well done!
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Lightman9000Hobbyist Artist
I was overjoyed to see Derpy play a somewhat important role in the comic.
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Derpy is the best way to celebrate and I love your art of her! :D

Really enjoyed the first issue (managed to grab a few of the regular variants, too) and am looking forward to seeing more.
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