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Cover for Betty and Veronica #1

Coming this July, Betty and Veronica get relaunched in a brand new #1 from Archie Comics, courtesy of comics veteran Adam Hughes! I was honored with one of the variant covers for the book, and here's my take on the ladies of Riverdale! Always been on my list to work for Archie!
Dr. martin's watercolor dyes, copic markers, India ink on illustration board. 
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Always loved the dynamic between these two.

As close as sisters, and just like sisters willing to go to unbelievable lengths to undermine one another when they're out for the same thing.

Nice work.
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Best of friends and the most bitter of enemies......especially when vying for Archie's affections.

Damn, I need to read Archie Comics some more.
Holy Mother of God ... and is supposed to be "youth icons heap" ...

And with that rope and that ax ... 'They look like 80'S !!!
 (Is it was the fashion among that generation).

 Incredible, I laughed a lot, thanks for existing ...
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oh this looks amaizng! 
paulabstruse's avatar
mate that came out great. Congrats!
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Beautiful, Mr. Price!Love Clap 
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A college professor of mine worked on some Archie comics in his youth!
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I am convinced those weapons are reserved for Reggie Mantel. He finally pushed them both too far. :P
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OMGosh! I now want to find this cover. I never really read a lot of Betty and Veronica, but my gosh does this make me wanna get the comic now.
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I haven't seen these two characters in a dogs age. In fact it's been a long time since I've read Archie Comics.
KarRedRoses's avatar
Holy....! Oh!!
Congratulations!!! Awesome B&V cover, Andy you nailed it. 
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