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Chrysalis FIENDship is magic page 5



Those that know me know I despise those 3,5, and 7 page previews that everyone puts out before a comic... they often give away stuff That is just too big a spoiler before the book hits... in my opinion, anyway. So, I'm going to beat them to the punch!

Here's a raw page from the book- page 5, specifically. This is a pure scan before alterations are done to clean it and turn it into a bitmap for Heather to color... so, this is what the actual art looks like- India ink done over pencil, with sable brush, croquil pen, and Faber Castell PITT pens on 11x17 vellum surface Bristol board.

When Hasbro came forward saying they wanted the villains origins and backstories, I immediately said nobody else was doing Queen Chrysalis but myself and Katie Cook. After launching the entire comic franchise with her, she is near and dear to our hearts. I absolutely loved doing this book... I think fans will enjoy it... I also think they're going to have questions. We deliberately do not answer everything there is to know about her and her hive. There are far-down-the-road plans for her, and no sense in pouring everything out at once. We will see into her past tales, and discover little things, big things... and see her tell Twilight to her muzzle why she came to be the way she is. I'll say right now, as we've been asked constantly- it has nothing to do with any fan-theories out there. This was a very different approach.

Sharp eyes will note some differences to Chrysalis on this page... there are two distinct trademarks missing. Those will be explained. Older MLP fans may also recognize a true blast from the MLP past here... the Crystal-Eyed ponies from waaaay back in the franchise! So was Chrysalis the reason they're not around anymore? Hmmmm... So there is your tease before the book hits stands this month!
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I love this! best villan!
Once again sir you hit the nail on the head