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Chrysalis FIENDship is magic page 5

Those that know me know I despise those 3,5, and 7 page previews that everyone puts out before a comic... they often give away stuff That is just too big a spoiler before the book hits... in my opinion, anyway. So, I'm going to beat them to the punch!

Here's a raw page from the book- page 5, specifically. This is a pure scan before alterations are done to clean it and turn it into a bitmap for Heather to color... so, this is what the actual art looks like- India ink done over pencil, with sable brush, croquil pen, and Faber Castell PITT pens on 11x17 vellum surface Bristol board.

When Hasbro came forward saying they wanted the villains origins and backstories, I immediately said nobody else was doing Queen Chrysalis but myself and Katie Cook. After launching the entire comic franchise with her, she is near and dear to our hearts. I absolutely loved doing this book... I think fans will enjoy it... I also think they're going to have questions. We deliberately do not answer everything there is to know about her and her hive. There are far-down-the-road plans for her, and no sense in pouring everything out at once. We will see into her past tales, and discover little things, big things... and see her tell Twilight to her muzzle why she came to be the way she is. I'll say right now, as we've been asked constantly- it has nothing to do with any fan-theories out there. This was a very different approach.

Sharp eyes will note some differences to Chrysalis on this page... there are two distinct trademarks missing. Those will be explained. Older MLP fans may also recognize a true blast from the MLP past here... the Crystal-Eyed ponies from waaaay back in the franchise! So was Chrysalis the reason they're not around anymore? Hmmmm... So there is your tease before the book hits stands this month!
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I love this! best villan!
Once again sir you hit the nail on the head

adamlhumphreys's avatar
:iconchrysalisclapplz: :iconchangelinglaplz:
Definitely one of my favorites form the series. :D
WolfieToffee's avatar
I loved Sombra's too
Kyoshyu's avatar
It's great to see work in progress. :)
EggHeadCheesyBird's avatar
I LOVED this comic!
And I checked to make sure you guys were doing it before I bought because I totally think you made her your own with that launch story!
Vey-kun's avatar
Aren't there will be more of that Pinkie Pie costume? I hope the costume punish Chrysalis again.
Piotreksus's avatar
Issue 5 of fiendship was the best one by far :]. Chrisalis was just epic!
The only thing i didn't like about this comic was the end where they made Twilight stupid.
The number of changelings must be droping, because they evidently don't have children.
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This issue was even better than I was expecting. Loved the fantastical origin story with the black acorn and the magic pool.
PencilPonies's avatar
I'm really hyped for this issue! I always thought of the holes as a simple design choice, but I'm really looking forward to finding out what their origin is now!

As always, I'm astounded by your artwork. The poses are all so dynamic :D

EDIT: Didn't realize this comic was already out!
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This actually raises a few questions, like - are they just immortal? Do they breed at all (since all of them have holes now... aren't there any new ones... or it became a 'genetic' trait :P)?
Anyway - that was an awesome comic. :thumbsup: Great work both story- and art-wise. 
MagicMan001's avatar
Hmm, I think it can safely be assumed they at least have long life spans. As for breeding, yeah, I'd imagine so, at least for the societal and military practicality that comes with increasing their numbers. It could be the holes have become a genetic trait passed down through generations or even more grim... they are then burned into new young changelings, perhaps as a rite of passage? Damn, that's my dark mind working...

One example I think there is for some generations passing could be that changeling thinking Chrysalis' crown was an antenna back in Trot. If they were immortal, that'd mean he would've been there at Timbucktu when Chrysalis declared herself 'Queen' and known the story behind the crown. I then think it's not a stretch to assume he's a few generations down the line.
Pony-Berserker's avatar
Rite of passage? Ha, I can go with that :P That's quite dark.

As for the antenna - I had a feeling it was about the said changeling's stupidity ;P After all, they all don't seem too bright... Even Chrysalis calls them appropriately :D
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Well, interesting fact, the Huns cut the cheeks of their infants with a sword so that they from a young age learn to endure wounds. And given the whole Hun/barbarian horde vibe the show and comics give the changelings, something like that with holes does sound fitting for them.

Fair enough, lol!
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So IDW is allowed to wipe out a complete subspecies of Ponies, yet Hasbro won't allow them to kill off Princess Amore?
Wisdom-Thumbs's avatar
MugenSeiRyuu's avatar

Given that Discord was concious as a statue and this might hold true for her, it might be a fate worse than death. If they ever fix her body and restore her to flesh, she might turn out a bit crazy.
pj202718's avatar
Hmmm. At some point, the need for stealth will have to be explained. That's a fourth trademark that isn't there yet. 
reads the preview you so, so hate.........

i am pretty sure pegasi have magic. it may not be the thoom thoom, zap zap, sparkle sparkle, spellcasting kind, but they can manipulate the weather, clouds and wind and such.

considering the pegasi were supposed to be the more war like of the ponies, it seems rather unlikely that they would not figure out how to use their powers against enemies.

anyone who grew up watching x-men knows that weather manipulation can be an awesome power.
MARoy's avatar
i cant wait for this one to come out!!!
Littlestplushoppe's avatar
Oh this is exciting!
DestinyDecade's avatar
I still think of the Changelings as the MLP version of the Skrulls. Truly amazing.
.... also have a hard time imagining that she would drive them to extinction. by design a pony has to be alive to feed a changeling, and the longer they are kept alive the more a pony will feed them. be like buying rechargeable batteries and throwing them away when they are used up.

true she wiped out the kittens but hey, their love was probably very low calorie considering how simple and meaningless ti was. besides there was definitely something suspicious going on there. no way something that is basically the equivalent of a g3 pony could survive that long in this world. they were very suspicious.
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