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Blondie... My Little Pony

By andypriceart
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Another quick study: Pitt pens, prismacolor pencils, copic markers, acrylic paints on tagboard.
Applejack as "Blondie", from The Good The Bad and The Ugly, easily one of my top 5 films of all time...
"Know how much you're worth now, Sugarcube?"
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derpydadHobbyist Digital Artist
Any one else think getting Clint Eastwood to do a guest VA spot on the show is a great idea
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NexsustheLaglyianHobbyist Digital Artist
why do I want to make an overwatch reference..........
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AveoxusProfessional General Artist
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NexsustheLaglyianHobbyist Digital Artist
this guy
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girthaedestroyerHobbyist General Artist
There are two types of ponies in this world my friend. Those with loaded guns, and those who dig.    You dig.
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DeathAlchemist94Hobbyist General Artist
"You're joking, Blondie. You... you wouldn't play a joke on me like that."

"It's not a joke. It's a rope, Tuco."

Best one liners in history came from that movie.
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DWestmooreHobbyist General Artist
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She doesn't mess around when it comes to her friends.
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SamueltheAnorexicHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Seiya-MeteoriteHobbyist Filmographer
Said the person with a deactivated account.
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applejack is my fav pony, can't wait for the western friendship is magic issues to come out
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Marcoon1305Hobbyist General Artist
...can i buy it? :love:

AWESOME work!!! :clap:
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Brilliant. That tagboard gives it just the right grit. (See, I didn't go for the True Grit pun.)
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Could be used for some sort of Clint Eastwood parody.  "Hoof Full of Bits"  :D (Big Grin) 
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ObsequiosityHobbyist Traditional Artist
Love this concept, love this picture.
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Sunset Shimmer as Angel Eyes and Lightning Dust as Tuco. I'd read such a setup.
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Pana-sonic3DHobbyist Artist
An interesting mix.
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Derp-My-LifeHobbyist General Artist
I can see Clint in there! I can TOTALLY see Clint in there!
This is just awesome, man.
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Woah, intense!
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CigarsCigarettesProfessional Digital Artist
Ohmygosh...this is SO her
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Applejack looks badass in this one. I love it to bits.
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OMG! By Celestia's mane! This is THE most epic picture of that i've ever seen
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Pinkie: "How much?! 2,000 bits!"
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