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Alternate Celestia and Luna from Reflections

By andypriceart
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From issue 19 of the official MLP:Fim comic published by IDW Publishing.

Evil. Naughty. Conniving. Plotting. Menacing. If they had little handlebar mustaches, they would twist the end and snicker as they tie ponies to train tracks. 

For the big end page, I wanted the "over there" versions of the princesses to have shadowy uplighting, and a dramatic look. They're whispering about putting a dead fish in the air conditioner of your car. Yeah... THAT evil.

India ink with brush, dip pen, PITT pens and "zip-a-tone" film on Bristol Board
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© 2014 - 2020 andypriceart
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I don't tell you which story arc was my favorite (and usually your artwork is the main one) but Reflections does rank up there as one of them.  Until I see the rest.  This was a great story.
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UnluckyxSe7enStudent General Artist
This was one of my favorite pages from this storyline!! I love your inkwork!!
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KarRedRosesProfessional Artist
We're reading this as a group later this month, looking forward to the story and the fun!…
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andypriceartProfessional Traditional Artist
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PsychoYellowDragonStudent General Artist
Luna look like a Vampire with her colored stuff (Red moon with bat-like style armor...just like a Vampire on its night of pure carnage)
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onichan2234Student Artist
Crossover idea
Celestia looked at the many ponies laying on the ground from exposition and tour ment from luna and her , " cole and my faithful student won't be able to stop me now ... Even if cole is the hero of legend " she thought to her self as she returned to her throne , at that moment luna came in with a evil distorted grin on her face " the Hero's are dead my sister . All except cole he some how lived " luna said " of course he did you big dolt he's a crystal gem "
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LullayMoon16Hobbyist General Artist
omg, I have this issue! 
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VoltronZ1Student Writer
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bakertoonsProfessional Filmographer
Zip-a-tone! Old-school :)
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This just blows my mind.

love that muscle work in the facial expressions
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CrystalcrystalcandyHobbyist Traditional Artist
That intense shading! I love it!
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dat line art... this is why I love manga. Sure, you don't get color, but you see so much more detail in the black and whites!

Love the horn rings btw. And that snarl.

Dude. DUDE~


If you had to draw an interpretation of what the CMC and Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara looked like if they got accidentally fused together as some punishment by Discord (still have all 5 minds in one body fully concious) what would it look like? o.o

I don't know why. But I like seeing people's interpretations of what a Filly 5 would look like. Of course when they get tired of fighting over how they should be addressed, they attempt to come to an agreement on a single name. What would they come up with?

I'd love to see you do such a thing. For fun. Would be quite the honor to see what you dish out with such a theme. <3
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No doubt one of the best scenes in this series, and one of the finest artworks I seen.
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Snowy-NinjaProfessional General Artist
I think it's just so much more dramatic in black and white easily my favorite page from you by far! So dramatic and evil so worthy of these evil princess! 
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Kaze-BlueHobbyist Digital Artist
you should color!!!!
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Why does this make me think of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure?
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brokencreationHobbyist Digital Artist
this is screaming maleficent to me 
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NancySauria General Artist
WOAHH O_O   *u*  ¡¡¡¡¡¡  
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verulenceHobbyist Digital Artist
Your crosshatching is always absolutely fantastic! Time to train to get as good as you.
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NomDeChevalProfessional General Artist
This is my favorite piece of art from you so far. Absolutely in love with it.

...and you aren't going to sell this page, are you?

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andypriceartProfessional Traditional Artist
I likely will!
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NomDeChevalProfessional General Artist
Can I talk you into sending me a message when you do? 

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this has to be either threatening or just plan silly in a fun way
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