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CW ARROW - Deathstroke

So the 5th episode of the CW tv show ARROW has aired and I figured it would be safe to post the costume illustration of the character Deathstroke which made his debut in the episode. The only thing that stayed true from the comic books is the mask and the rest of his outfit is more realistic military combat type outfit. The mask was already designed and made from their original teaser trailer of the whole series.

The series ARROW and the character DEATHSTROKE are properties of DC comics.
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Wicked cool styley and details!
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Be awesome if Green arrow had armor
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Love this design but
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Rah! ><
Anyway I love this design even though it isn't Spade but his partner.
Oh well.
Hopefully you'll draw up the actual Deathstroke design and such. C:
It think it would have been cool if arrow had made it so that the opposite sides of wintergreen's mask had the balck and yellow so that when they were a team they would have been a visually interesting team.
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Cool! Can you say from movie it is?
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Pretty awesome design,  love the moral realistic take on the character.
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That's not Deathstroke, it is Billy Wintergreen. You find this out later on. He gets stabbed in the eye though.
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Well, I try not to post any spoilers ;)
awesome designe but theres a major error on it and when i say major i say really major like in really big
and its the fact that deathstroke doesnt have one eye the right eye, and you put him with the both eyes in the designe that's a big fail since that's one of deathstrokes most recognizeble characteristics
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Thanks for the comment. Ya the design of the mask and how the character is in the show was already established and designed before I get to do this illustration. I'm a big batman and comic fan myself and knew that wasn't as true to the comic, but changes are okay sometimes. The deathstroke in the new arkham origin game looks awesome and have only one eye!
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I love this comment, looking at the costume now.
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Deathstroke is the best
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I love how he looks freaking tough!
these costumes are amazing, so awesome on the show. This deathstroke is the best look ive ever seen
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Simply put.... Awesome
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i like his outfit in the show the only thing that was sorta pissing me off was the fact that her had 2 eyes. but other then that i love it
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