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Titan Mountain

This was done for the Sony Playstation 2 video game, God of War 2. It depicts the Titan that is imprisoned with a mountain. I first did a quick pencil sketch, scanned that in, and then painted it up in Photoshop.
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Wonder what happened to him, i dont believe he came out in God of War 3. Awesome drawing! ^-^
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I remember him! He's the guy who squashed the pegasus and Kratos took a bane from his eye by stabbing it :XD:

This is such an amazing picture! I love the lighting and it's just... WOW!
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Awe inspiring. Kinda reminds me of the ice giants in dantes inferno too :)
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Oooooooooh! Beautiful!!!!!!!
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Not to be a troll but Typhon wasn't really a titan, more of a primordial god like gaia. Anway awesome work, love the cave like details on head an shoulders
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It's stunning *_*
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Ah, Typhon...or Typhoon, can't remember which. Anyway, cool pic. Good detail. Be kind of cool if you could get Kratos's blades to glow slightly red in the cave, though. Add to the realism...or, as about as much realism as Mythology can be. Anyway great pic again.
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this is so F****** AWESOME!
I love God of War, and Typhoolon's Cavren was one of the best parts.^^
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I have never played the God of War series before, but this concept art is really inspiring me to.
WOW definition of perfection
SH A WEET pic [;
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This is just a gorgeous painting. great work man. very inspirational.
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lol i have the god of war art book awesome work!!
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isn't he the 1 where you can get typhoon's bane?
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Yeah, the wind bow, I think.
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i remember that level... i kicked some ass there.
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wow, now I gotta buy God of War 2 AND a PS2. I gotta live that moment! I gues I'll have to buy a fresh pair of Depends for it too.
This image is stuck on my mind now. Excellent!
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OMG! man you designed my favorite stage of God of War... this is aweasome work...what's the size of this pencil sketch???
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I did a really quick pencil sketch on just basic copy paper 8 1/2 X 11. I just grabbed it from the copy machine room over at my work.
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That is cool, way more better if this was the game itself in movie mode! hehehe! The Ancient feeling in it! whoa!
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i.... cant belieive... this is you... YOU designed this level and all this other stuff for God of War 2, one of the most prominent games for PS2!!???! HOW IS IT THAT NO ONE KNOWS YOU ON HERE YET?!?!? your like my idol man!!!
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Wow, thanks so much for the kind words! I totally appreciate it! I'm glad you found me here. I just joined up 3 weeks ago so it's nice to meet so many fellow artists here.
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