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Sisters' Palaceroom

This was done for the Sony Playstation 2 video game, God of War 2. It depicts the massive Throneroom of the first 2 Sisters of Fate. It's here that you have your boss battles near the end of the game. It was really fun designing this very elaborate room.
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it's hard to believe thats you, who designed the stages !
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Superb masterpiece! Love this kind of architecture in sci-fi.
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i love this games archetecture
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Can I say Wow now? WOW!
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I remember this part :D very elegant work!
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This was a great battle and battle arena. Sooooo fun to seal them in the final mirror and obliterate it x333
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waaa...!! you designed this room!!??!! amazing!! damn my brother love this game!!! :D
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breath taking
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I was taken away when I saw that throne room in the game, quite the service of eye-candy I must say. It was almost impossible to focus on the fight with all the details in the throne room.

It's amazing to find a professional concept artists here on the DA! I recognised your mole cerberus, but didn't believe it was the actual game art at first. (Though I'm quite glad to be proven wrong in that regard!)

If you don't mind me asking, I would like to get into the gaming industry as a concept artist myself for my internship and career next spring, and I was wondering if perhaps you could share any pointers on making a good portfolio? Does the industry still accept traditional work or is it all digital painting now?

It's great to see your work here! I bet GOW3 will be a blast.
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Thanks so much! I appreciate the comments. A portfolio should only show your most best work. More is not necessarily better. It's better to show 10 great pieces than 20 pieces with some great and others not as strong. The standard these days pretty much is digital. Traditional will not be turned away, but I think in this day and age of concept art, you really need to know how to paint digitally as well. But showing traditional is fine as well. It's just tough b/c it's tough to make changes (ie. color, design changes) with traditionally created art. Does that make sense? I hope this helps a bit.
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Thank you for getting back! That does indeed help a great deal!
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holy jumping humping banana monkies...

Do you do concept art for gaming industries? Just curious... you could be making big payment out on your own O.O

Also... :+fav:
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you have done kratos and all of his fans proud with your pictures.
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Ah so you're who we have to blame for that room :p

great design; many a life was lost trying to defeat those two. lol
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It realy is a interestign place the lines of fate crossing themselfs like webs everywere.

Good work

Im stuk on that part of the game.. so i had alot of time to observe =p
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wait,where exatcly is the throne?
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no throne. They would be somewhere above while their worshippers would praise them from below. Something like that.
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oh,ok,by the way,can you please tell me if you ever find a drawing of lakhesis and atropos,i'm trying to draw the sisters.
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You can find atropos here: [link]

That's my co-worker's blog, Erik San Juan. He concepted that sister of fate. As far as lakhesis is concerned, I helped come up with her design, but the final design was finished up by my other co-worker, Dwayne Turner. But unfortunately, he doesn't really post any artwork up online.
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hey,can you check my gallery,please?Especially my lahkesis:[link]
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Nice job on the drawing! I like it alot!
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thanks,by the way,do you get paid even if the design isn't what the publishers actually need?(Just asking.)
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