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God of War III- Satyr

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x-DARKMASTER-x's avatar
I hate those guys so much >_< ... Great image by the way!!! you are awesome!!!
TzaoTao's avatar
awesome, just plain awesome
WillieManga's avatar
Bloody relentless creatures, and rather formitible.
mbennington65's avatar
wow very very nice
TheStrayLiger's avatar
His face is AWESOME!!! What references did you use? And the spiky things on his collarbones and the horn-like things on his "knees" (do ungulates have knees :O? )... It's just so awesome, so original and so well done >.<!!
CharmanRaa's avatar
very nice! love the detail
B1G-T's avatar
Saytrs have always been my favourite footsoldier-style enemy to fight in the games. You really captured the bestial nature well.
shadowelven's avatar
Love this character, my favorite enemy in the game too.
Koorinonaifu's avatar
this = love. I salute you sir.
BloodyWildChild's avatar
:) really nice painting!
avewa-je-me's avatar
I hate fighting these satyr monsters, they're so evasive
Getaro's avatar
Oh that friggin goat-ninja!
evolving-logic's avatar
lol he's got a gorilla face without the mask good choice
Araphiel's avatar
Awesome!!! But I think I prefer it with the Armor! ;P
Axel13-Gallery's avatar
great looking piece!
Ehsan1945's avatar
Awesome Feeling!!! you ROCK!!!!!
Nuttro's avatar
Never really got to see their face in the game, (maybe in special features/treasures but I havn't checked yet) makes it look more like a demond
GrimmSkitz's avatar
not so goat-face are we.. :O
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