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A New Princess
      Prince Jacob was the fourth child in the royal family of the Tuitis Kingdom.  As a young boy, he and his brothers had dreams of fighting for their kingdoms alongside their knights.  The problem with Jacob was that he would only grow up to be five foot one inch and 115 pounds.  He was dainty and it was clear that he wouldn’t be able to fight in wars.
      As Jacob got older, he grew closer to his sister Princess Elena.  While she did have a tomboy streak in her, Elena was quite girly and graceful and Jacob would often aspire to be like her.  King John III was disappointed in Jacob feeling that he wasn’t enough of a man but Queen Rose always insisted that they had three strong boys and that Jacob could do what he wanted.
      One day, when he was sixteen, Jacob finally realized what he wanted.  He rushed to Elena’s room to tell her.
      “I, I want to be a princess,
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Top Ten NFL One Game Wonders
      Every NFL team has a 53-man roster.  There are 22 starters on offense and defense.  Just doing the math, you can tell that not everyone is going to get a chance to shine on a regular basis.  Even with the actual starters, a lot of them just end up being mediocre, with not much in the way of great stats (though they can play a key underlying role in a team’s path to success).  One thing that’s rare in the NFL is a terrible or mediocre player having one game that completely dwarfs everything else they did in their careers.  Today, I’m going to pick out the players who did the best job in one game.  Also, I won’t usually include a player if they had a second game with stats that come close to the ones they had in that one incredible game (Matt Flynn, I’m looking at you).  These are the NFL players who were superstars for one game.  Also, since the NFL doesn't like people posting Youtube videos of th
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Top Twenty Roller Coaster I Rode 2/2 (Sep. 2018)
      Say, if you want to go back to part one, here it is. Top Twenty Roller Coaster I Rode 1/2 (Sep. 2018)
Number Ten
      I really wish I could go back to Cedar Point soon.  It’s not that I didn’t enjoy my time at that park, it’s just that my last visit came in 2010 before at least half of their best current coasters were made.  The winged coaster GateKeeper opened in 2013.  Mantis was given new floorless trains, repainted, and given the new name Rougarou for 2014. That’s good since I’ve heard Stand-Up coaster restraints push against the groin, especially for taller people (I’m six-foot one).  Valravn the vertical drop coaster opened in 2016 and it is intricate for a coaster of its type.  Finally, Mean Streak was remodeled by RMC into Steel Ven
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Top Twenty Roller Coaster I Rode 1/2 (Sep. 2018)
      Judging by my list of the five worst roller coaster I’ve ever rode, you might say that I’m a hater.  I’m not a hater.  I’ve rode 85 unique roller coasters in my lifetime and I like more coasters than I don’t like.  To be honest, most of the roller coasters I have rode would get three stars out of five.  However, there are a select few that have gone beyond just being fun.  These are the coasters I want to ride every time I go to their respective amusement parks (or in the case of my pick for #10, a theme park).  Enough messing around, let’s get to this list
Number Twenty
      I’m not just judging roller coasters by their tracks and the positive, negative, and lateral Gs they give.  Restraints are also important.  It’s one of those things you don’t notice unless it’s done badly.  This would be an all-time classic co
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Top Ten Worst Roller Coasters I Rode (Sep. 2018)
      I have been a fan of roller coasters since roughly 2002.  These rides are always the kings of amusement parks.  There are usually plenty of flat rides both thrilling and gentle and there are usually water parks within these amusement parks as well as arcades, but it’s roller coasters that end up being the big draws for amusement parks. Throughout my life, I have been on 85 different roller coasters that weren’t just clones of each other.  I don’t count clone coasters for two reasons, one of which being that I would have to remember what kiddie coasters I have been on.  We will get to the other reason on this Bottom Five roller coaster list.  So yeah, these are the ten worst roller coasters I have ever been on.  
Number Ten
      During my childhood years in Indiana, PA, my family and I went to small amusement parks around the Western Pennsylvania area.  These in
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Top Ten Most Anticipated British Coasters
      Allo there.  Wanna go have some fish and chips.  Okay, I should probably stop with the British accent attempts because it will only sound like I graduated from the Dick Van Dyke school of British accents (and I haven’t even seen Mary Poppins).  Still, I know :iconcolossusnightshade: who makes pictures of human roller coasters mostly from Six Flags Magic Mountain and Alton Towers.  Alton Towers is in England and since that is a foreign country I wouldn’t mind visiting since I wouldn’t have to learn a new language, I decided to make a list of the roller coasters from the entire United Kingdom that I want to ride the most.  There isn’t much more I can say, let’s start the list.
Number Ten
      I’m not much of a fan of inverted coasters.  Something about hanging under the rails just seems to cut off the rest of the world for me.  I feel weird for wanti
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Bill Haley Radio Script
      Note: This show was originally supposed to air on July 5th, 2018 a day before what would have been Bill Haley’s 93rd birthday.  When I went to record the show, I assumed that I would just record my lines and the songs would be added later.  Unfortunately, I needed to provide the songs myself and I added in two songs at the last minute that I didn’t have with me.  Needless to say, I had to cancel the show and a playlist of 50s music was played while I was gone.  Here is the script I would have used if I had the chance.
      Welcome to Andy See’s (mostly) Rock N’ Roll Variety Show!  Today, we’re going back to the 1950s which, according to Republicans, was the greatest decade in American history.  In this decade (in fact, in the time from right after World War II to roughly 1963) it was expected of all American adults to settle down in the suburbs a
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Grunge Radio Show
      Welcome to Andy See’s (mostly) Rock N’ Roll Variety Show.  You may have noticed that this week’s first sentence was considerably more gravelly than what I have done in previous weeks.  You see, I was originally supposed to do a show on Jane’s Addiction on a suggestion from my Dad.  Unfortunately, they only made two albums in their initial run (they’ve made two more since their first breakup), so I decided to make a whole show based on Grunge Rock.  It is the most mythologized music of the 90s and is largely credited with purging the Earth of the scourge known as Hair Metal.  In reality, Hair Metal was on its last legs anyway after the Guns N’ Roses album “Appetite for Destruction” showed the ugliness that was going on just beneath the endless parties and hairspray.
Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black) – Neil Young
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Hanson Playlist
1. Thinking of You
2. MMMBop
3. Weird
4. Where’s the Love
5. I will come to You
6. Man from Milwaukee
7. Gimme some Lovin’
8. You never Know
9. If Only
10. This Time Around
11. Can’t Stop
12. Strong enough to Break
13. Penny & Me
14. Lost without each other
15. Get up and Go
16. Been there Before
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Boston Playlist
1. More than a Feeling
2. Peace of Mind
3. Foreplay/Long Time
4. Rock and Roll Band
5. Hitch a Ride
6. Something about You
7. Don’t Look Back
8. It’s Easy
9. A Man I’ll Never Be
10. Feelin’ Satisfied
11. Amanda
12. We’re Ready
13. Cool the Engines
14. Can’tcha Say (You believe in Me)/Still in Love
15. I need your Love
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The Mighty Mighty Bosstones Playlist
1. Drunks and Children
2. Hope I Never Lose my Wallet
3. The Bartender’s Song
4. A Little Bit Ugly
5. Awfully Quiet
6. Where’d You Go
7. Don’t Know how to Party
8. Someday I Suppose
9. Holy Smoke
10. Kinder Words
11. Pictures to Prove it
12. A Dollar and a Dream
13. Toxic Toast
14. Bronzing the Garbage
15. Noise Brigade
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The Mighty Mighty Bosstones Radio Show
      Welcome to Andy See’s (mostly) Rock N’ Roll Variety Show!  Today, we are going back to One Hit Wonderland with The Mighty Mighty Bosstones.  Most of you probably only know them for the 1997 hit single The Impression that I get at the height of the Ska-Punk boom.  However, they made four studio albums before “Let’s Face it” and have had made five studio albums since then including one that just came out last Friday.  Unfortunately, “While we’re at it” came out too late for me to consider using any songs on this show.
      Anyway, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones had their roots in the Hardcore Punk scene of the early 80s.  Bassist Joe Gittleman played with Gang Green early in his career while singer Dicky Barrett (who turns 54 tomorrow) was a member of Impact Unit and The Cheap Skates.  Through the ever-rotating lineup of The Cheap Sk
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Boston Radio Show
      Welcome to Andy See’s (mostly) Rock N’ Roll Variety Show!  I was having a hard time introducing Boston, but all I needed to do was read the liner notes of the self-titled CD we have of them at home.  In my experience, compilation albums from roughly the mid-late 90s onward will likely have a short history of the band in question. Sometimes however, there are similar results in the re-releases of classic albums and our copy of the self-titled debut of Boston provides one such example.  Tom Schulz himself said that he had been working on his style of music for six years before his first album came out in 1976 and had heard seemingly every variation on the term “we’re not interested” in that time.  His vision for a rock band combined the sonic palette of progressive rock with the melodic grace and songcraft of The Beatles.  Also, the music on this album is incredibly polished
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Dad's Least Favorite Roller Coasters
      For this list, I have enough to say about these coasters that I have decided to include my thoughts in bold.  While this is Dad's list, it's not likely I'll have an excuse to say anything about these roller coasters ever again.
      Rollercoasters are great – well, mostly great. I’ve ridden quite a few coasters, and most of them ranged from merely fun to totally awesome. However, there are a few that you get off saying “never again!” An early rollercoaster rating scale ranged from +5 to -3, and in this list, we’re talking about those coasters on the negative side of the ratings. Since these “bad” coasters usually have a few common flaws, I’ll list most of these coasters by their problems, but finish with a few outstandingly disgraceful examples.
     Dishonorable Mention – Little Dipper (Midway Park): You might say “It’s a kiddie coaster, go easy on i
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Hanson Radio Show
Original Airdate: June 7, 2018
      Welcome to Andy See’s (mostly) Rock N’ Roll Variety Show!  About eight months ago, Total Request Live returned to MTV.  Originally, TRL ran from 1998 to 2008 and while that show played many types of music, it’s always going to be associated with the Teen Pop boom of the late-90s.  Whether that’s unfair to the show or not is unknown since I never watched it, but I do know one group who had the teen pop label unfairly applied to them on every album after their big breakthrough.  That group is Hanson.
      Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson were born in 1980, 1983, and 1985 respectively.  They were three of seven children born to Clark and Diane Hanson.  They often sang old Rock and Soul songs at the dinner table which I have heard were learned through Time-Life compilations.  When Hanson formed in 1992, Zac was only seven.
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Dad's Top Ten Roller Coasters
      When I made my list of the Top Ten Roller Coasters I ever rode, I challenged Ronald See (my dad) to do a list of his own.  His writing style is more straightforward than mine.  Unfortunately, I have not been on his picks for number six and number two.  I hope I can do that sometime. 
      First, it’s truly difficult to try to separate the great from the merely-almost-great roller coasters. It’s highly dependent on what any individual likes in a roller coaster, so what do I like? Creativity, intense but not rough, some airtime, great views – I love old wooden coasters, but several of my top choices are modern steel coasters (go figure). Steel and wood, sit-downs and inverted, it’s hard to compare, but based on pure seat of the pants subjectivity (that might be different if you asked me tomorrow), here is my list.
      Honorable Mention – Coastal Woodies: I’ve ridden
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Splatoon - You're an Adolescent Now by Fluffernubber Splatoon - You're an Adolescent Now :iconfluffernubber:Fluffernubber 194 28 Natalie's Ball Gown by Hollum-Dusk Natalie's Ball Gown :iconhollum-dusk:Hollum-Dusk 14 0 Maddy plays the Ukulele deviant art ID by Mad--Munchkin Maddy plays the Ukulele deviant art ID :iconmad--munchkin:Mad--Munchkin 84 14 Roller Samus by kajinman Roller Samus :iconkajinman:kajinman 514 26 Birthday Samus by SonicKnight007 Birthday Samus :iconsonicknight007:SonicKnight007 169 4 Space Beach Party by MooseGutstheThird Space Beach Party :iconmoosegutsthethird:MooseGutstheThird 32 13 Marina out on the Waves by PsylisiaDragoon Marina out on the Waves :iconpsylisiadragoon:PsylisiaDragoon 50 31 Summer Girl by Eriyal Summer Girl :iconeriyal:Eriyal 278 3 A Day at the Beach by vampireheartagram27 A Day at the Beach :iconvampireheartagram27:vampireheartagram27 32 9 Coming from 80/90! Tina Otto! by Zenox-furry-man Coming from 80/90! Tina Otto! :iconzenox-furry-man:Zenox-furry-man 109 12 Library practice by chinchongcha Library practice :iconchinchongcha:chinchongcha 1,288 51 CW's Supergirl in DCAU by Glee-chan CW's Supergirl in DCAU :iconglee-chan:Glee-chan 482 24 Mary Marvel - DCAU by Glee-chan Mary Marvel - DCAU :iconglee-chan:Glee-chan 259 23 Angela's Magic Lesson - Heat Beat by Mr-DNA Angela's Magic Lesson - Heat Beat :iconmr-dna:Mr-DNA 154 16 Dva by Liang-Xing Dva :iconliang-xing:Liang-Xing 6,294 107


So, I'm going to try a little experiment.  I'm going to watch two Disney Princess related videos and give my thoughts on them as they go along.  First up is the Disney Princess War sketch from Robot Chicken.  From my understanding, this would've come out anytime in the second half of 2012 or in 2013 before Frozen.  Let's see what I think of this video.
0:11 - Right to the stereotypes.  At least none of the girls who spoke dislike girly things.  Except maybe Tiana.
0:25 - Did they use a generic barbie for Rapunzel, or is that just how her doll turned out.
0:30 - How appropriate that Snow White is the one trying to shut up Merida.
0:52 - Uh, about that, it was common for Disney to get other musicians to sing songs from their movies and those versions climbed the charts.  Of course, that was before Let it Go came along and proved that the movie versions of songs were more popular than the radio ready versions.  Thank you Queen Elsa.
Pleased:iconsaysplz:No problem Andy.
1:10 - You know, I was thinking that Mulan would side with Merida on this issue and she did not disappoint. 
1:13 - Oh wait, most of the newer princesses are coming.  Okay then.
1:26 - One of the reasons I'm doing this is because I'm writing a story about a boy who turns into a princess for a TF contest.  One of the things he needs to do is talk to non-human animals.  Also, I like how the war counsel is bluebirds.
1:40 - What if those guns shot magical ammunition that never ran out?
1:48 - Oh Ariel, you're so dirty!  Considering you only wore seashells as a mermaid, that shouldn't be surprising.
1:54 - I was wondering if Pocahontas was here and she's here.
2:02 - Nice one-liner Rapunzel.
2:07 - What's with the random alligator?
2:24 - I can't tell if Aurora's being sarcastic or not.
2:39 - That doesn't look good for these princesses.
2:52 - Why did Sebastian just say that?
3:05 - Nice job finishing the short Tinkerbell.

Okay, that was pretty funny.  But of course, we gotta get to the elephant in the room.  I still haven't seen the Wreck-it Ralph 2 trailer.  Normally, I don't watch trailers since they tend to give away big surprises.  However, this one has gotten a decent amount of buzz because the princesses are all in one place in an official Disney movie.  Please note, I am watching a video with multiple trailers for Wreck-it Ralph 2.  I will only be commenting on the princess stuff.

0:50 - Do any Scottish people find this offensive.  At least the casual clothes of these princesses look good.
4:54 - Does anybody else think that this movie is gonna treat Vanellope like she's the first princess to break the mold when in reality, there have been other princesses that have been just as empowered?  That's my big fear right here.  Girl, you're still wearing a skirt.

Huh, I didn't actually have much to say.  I have faith that Disney's animation department can treat the other princesses respectfully (or at least as respectfully as possible while still being comedic).  Unfortunately, I have heard that the 2017 Beauty and the Beast remake tried way too hard to be a feminist movie and the quality of the story suffered as a result.  It's hard to know what to think, but I think we're just gonna have to wait until Wreck-it Ralph 2 comes out.


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