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System 5

By andymorum
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Well, it's that time again :)

Almost every image in the theme has been tweaked since v4, particularly the widgets. Hopefully everything looks that little bit better now...

Includes shellstyle, thin taskbar, wallpaper, 3 extra start buttons and probably much more that I can't remember ;)

Please read the included readme.html file, run install.bat to copy everything to the correct place and activate the shellstyles for the alternative start buttons.

Winamp Skin: ~bigl523 has made an excellent Winamp skin to match this theme. Get it here: [link]
© 2005 - 2020 andymorum
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Epic,dude!By far your best system creation!Another favorite from me! :D
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This is the best theme ever. I have bin loocking for better and more funkcional one, but this is only that i can work in. Is there any posebility that you port it to Win 7. If any one can do this, mi soul will be at peas forever... :)
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I've recently switched to Windows 7, so I can no longer use this style. However, I did want to say that it served me very well for a number of years.
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This is hands down my favourite theme for Windows XP, and I've tried a lot of them. It's clean and very well thought out. I wish there was a System5 theme for Windows 7.
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aspirin111Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i had some terouble getting to work at the begining becaus ei couldnt get the uxtheme thing to work, but then i read the tutorail and got it, and this theme rocks! i love it!

Side note to everyone, it looks amazing with Objectdock!


works with XP service pack 3 :P
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I can't tell you how much nicer it is to use my PC at work now. Its like a pillow for my eyes =)

I wish I could figure out how to thicken the taskbar up a bit. Here's hoping Windows 7 will license some of your style...
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Love it. Keep up the awesome work
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You'll release black version of this sometime...? I'd really appreciate it.. thanks if you can.
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Loving it from day1!

System 6 in the works?
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No black version? :(
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Hi, very good gallery ;)
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this is not fancy but is bloody good coz its usable. best theme on here i looked at nearly all of them. most are terrible, over the top, bright, and more difficult to use. yours make it better, not worse.
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Okay.. First off; This theme is not without flaws. There are some font-related bugs in some apps, and the buttons -- like in oh so many other styles -- are not stretchable, which hurts applications which use this feature -- such as eMule.

That being said, it's a very awesome theme, I've yet to find any other theme this nice. It's extremely clean, usable, and it just generally makes you think 'High quality'.

For reference, andymorum / Hornett, the bugs I've found, and how I solved them:

* Changing the font from Tahoma 7 to Tahoma 8 solves the bugs in Firefox (windows too small for their content)

* Making the buttons (Close, Maximize, Minimize, etc) stretchable (going from TrueSize to Stretch) does not change them visually but simply adds adaptability to them. I highly encourage for you to change this in an update, andymorum, since it does not hurt or alter the theme visually in any way but simply makes it more flexible!

Thank you for this.
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Best VS ever, thank u so much!
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shadowelvenHobbyist Photographer
Your theme was the motivation for me to turn on theme management and upgrage from the Windows 98 look. Thank you so much! Really looking forward to some new color schemes though, none of my desktops match a blue gui. ;)
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Man what a great theme!!!Good work!
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Just found this, LOVE IT.

Best theme ive seen so far. It's not as show-off-ish as some others but that's just the brilliant part of it. its a very relaxed gui to work with. Thanks a bundle for this!

+watch :)
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Very nice glassy theme...excellent work !!! :)
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Hi Andy, been using this theme since System 4 - just superb. I love the high contract orange for the taskbar, the clean lines and just overall how great it looks.

I've been using the Windows Plastic for a while, but was wondering if you plan to release a black version. That would simply blow every other theme I've tried out of the water.
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Awesome visual style, great job!!
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Awesome visual style, great job!!
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Wow, this is simply the best theme I have ever used, Great work!
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Awesome, too bad theres no more colours :(
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Great VS :thumbsup:
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